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Still Deciding How To Spend Your Bank Holiday? Look No Further!

This weekend is the one we've all been waiting for, the August Bank Holiday. Where everything is going on and the city never sleeps. Festivals everywhere; from the Reading and Leeds festival to Notting Hill Carnival. If you are a carnival-goer make sure you check out our last post on carnival prep, you don't want to miss it! When you think of a bank holiday this is the one that gets you most excited. Every year there is something bigger and better. We want to make sure you aren't missing out on anything that is happening this weekend. Stay tuned for our recommended events and activities to make the most out of your bank holiday weekend!

Weekend GetawayAirbnb has skyrocketed in the last few years with their brand seen everywhere you go. Take advantage of their service and get out of London for a couple of days. The places listed can be affordable and luxury! Perfect for a weekend getaway with your significant other of a group of friends! The app allows you to explore experi…

Notting Hill Carnival Tips

The Notting Hill Carnival is very quickly coming back around again this year, and as always at this time of year, the weather can’t make it’s mind up and there are flying ants everywhere during the day and gnats everywhere at night! Other than that British summer can be pretty amazing, especially as it holds Europe’s biggest street festival. This street festival attract at least 2 million people every single year and has been running since 1988! It celebrates and showcases London’s magnificent, multicultural past and present, with magnificent displays of colour and dance you don’t want to miss out! The entertainment, the food, the colours, everything ties in to be an amazing weekend for all ages. However considering all of this, the carnival can be very overwhelming, it’s a busy long weekend, so here are a few tips to help you get through and have the most fun weekend with your friends!

What’s amazing about the carnival, is that because it’s a street carnival all of the entertainment i…

10 Ways To Spend National Relaxation Day

National Relaxation Day couldn't have come sooner. What with every inch of the internet talking about mercury in retrograde, I think we all need a minute to breathe. As the day falls on a weekday, unfortunately, most people will be at work. This shouldn't stop you from having a stress free day though! I am here to give you some ideas about how to spend your day (or evening if you have to work). Sit back and relax. Pamper Day If you are currently in bed or at home reading this, then you are one of the lucky ones. Do not waste this opportunity, spend the day pampering yourself! Whether you book a full spa day or simply have a 'you' day. Run a bath, read a book and make some good food. My top tip for you is to turn off your notifications on your phone and switch off the WiFi. You will be surprised at how much you go on your phone every day. Whatever it is that you enjoy, do it. Today is about you and creating a stress-free environment.  Beach DayYou may be thinking, '…

Crazy Golf Spots in London

Crazy-golf is a classic for British summer time, but it’s not always easy to come by! That’s not the case anymore though, as we seem to love it so much that lots of different crazy golf courses have been popping up all London! Over the last two years we’ve gone completely mad for crazy golf, so if that’s your thing, you’ve got endless themes and endless fun! I mean realistically, who really enjoys normal golf? Not the young at heart! Of course, you’d rather shoot a golf ball into a dinosaur’s mouth than a normal hole, right? Not just me? Some of the ones we’ve picked are more quirky ones, some scary, and some overrun with animatronic dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Escape is one of the larger courses in West London, with 18 holes, so if you really want to go all out, go here. The best thing about this place does not only do they have almost-life size dinosaurs, but they move, breath, and will definitely roar at you if you get too close. Don’t let it put you off your game though, I'm sure you …

Happiness Happens Day: 10 things to do!

Yes, that's right. Today marks, 'Happiness Happens' day! In light of this, I began thinking about what actually makes humans happy. Is it other people? Great food? Likes on an Instagram post? What is it that truly makes us happy? Many people would say happiness stems from the desire to feel good about ourselves. However, others believe humans have an innate sense to do good and bring happiness to the people around them. How do we do this? I am going to give you some tips. Continue, reading for my ways to spend 'Happiness Happens' day.

1) To get this list started, I want you to think of your best friend. Think about the positive impact they have on you and the support they show within your relationship. Wouldn't you love to make them happy? Maybe they have been having a really stressful time lately and just need some appreciation? Instead of going to the movies or finding a nice restaurant, wander around London and see what you find. You could visit the Sky Gard…

Vegan Street Food in London

Even just five years back treating yourself would have maybe meant breaking your diet to enjoy that amazing comfort food, but now that comfort food is all for us! If you’re looking for some of London’s best vegan street foods then we can definitely help you out. The capital of England is heading in the vegan direction and a lot of us are happy to see it, knowing we can gorge on the best guilty pleasures whilst not having an animal product insight is something that’s definitely gonna leave our wallets empty. There are options far and wide, but for now, we will be showing you four of our favourites. From kebabs to pie and mash, you’d have never realised some of your favourite dishes could be vegan and still just as tasty.
What The Pitta is one of the best places to get an amazing vegan kebab. They take the Turkish flare and make it vegan. This place is relatively new to scene compared to some others on our list, but that doesn’t take anything away from the incredible quality of the food…

Places to Visit Animals in London

When you think of London, you think of a big brick jungle, and no matter what, it’s always busy. However, you’d be surprised to hear that London is surprisingly an animal lover’s haven. There are dozens of opportunities for you and your friends to encounter animals of all different sizes. With the options of seeing the more wild animals, and the cute, fluffy, domestic ones too. Here’s a quick rundown of-of a few of our favourites, from farms to animal cafes, all in the heart of London.
The Horniman Museum & Gardens has a lot on offer, that’s why we’re putting it right to the top of our list. You can follow along on their Animal Walk where you’ll get to see alpacas, goats, guinea pigs and more. There are lots of opportunities to get up close and personal with them all. Venture inside, and you’ll get to see their amazing little aquarium which has lots of different fish, very colourful frogs, and a beautiful tank with calming jellyfish. Once you’re done there, to top it all off you ca…