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Why Flatsharing? Flat Sharing vs House Sharing!

Why Flat sharing? You might be thinking about why flat sharing is a better alternative to renting a house or even buying one, and so here are some reasons why flat sharing is the way to go. Flat Sharing Flat sharing is renting a room in a flat, which means the kitchen, toilet, and your room is all on the same floor in a flat. Flats are more like an apartment. Some of our rooms have amazing views overlooking canary wharf, the river thames, even central london. We also have flats with a gym, swimming pool, a spa, and private parking in a garage. Flats are also usually brand new properties, and so you might be the first person to ever live in that room. Flat sharing is usually 2-3 rooms per flat, and so there are usually less rooms than a house. House Sharing House sharing is when you rent a room in a house, the toilet and kitchen may not be on the same floor, and there might be a living room, or maybe a garden.  House sharing is great because a group of friends can rent