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Have you ever dream of being the star of a movie? If it is true London is the perfect place to feel like it, dozens of films are shootings every year so if you want to stand in main character’s shoes you should only walk around the differents neighborhoods of the city. Some of the most famous locations are: 1.Old Royal Naval College Visiting this emblematic place can transform you in Jack Sparrow or even Lara Croft during some scenes of Tomb Ryder. In most of the cases this symbolic building is use to show the high society lifestyle in period films, this is the reason why also you can act like Sherlock Holmes walking around with a magnifier on your hand. 2. St Paul's Cathedral We can consider Mary Poppin’s such a classic film for children so maybe you have seen, at least, once. One of the epic scenes during the dancing around the roofs between the chimney sweep and the lovely nanny elapses on the top of St Paul. If you want to sing “chim chimney” you are lucky because