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Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Aren't Complete Cop-outs!

It’s Halloween today, now, this evening. With it comes the ever-annoying question: What will you dress up as this year? So here we are, hours before the Halloween party and you don’t know what you’re going as. You don’t have time to Amazon Prime it, and the luck you'd find in thrifting outfit is very slim. Now you wouldn’t be reading this if you wanted to just buy a costume from the store, so here you are. We’re hoping that you’ll have the essential parts of these costumes just hidden in your closet. We have a couple serious costumes, and a couple pop culture inspired ones, hopefully we have a few options for you that you can do something with this Halloween.  Firstly if you’re the type to love puns, and especially love when people roll their eyes when they get the pun then these two costumes will be perfect for you. Starting with the ‘Bread Winner’ Very simple and easy, you can wear whatever you want, but sports /gym wear would be best. Then you just need one of the plastic

Halloween Parties 2019!

Be afraid, be very afraid, we’re right around the corner from the spookiest parties of the year. You may have been celebrating Halloween this past weekend but there’s still so much more to come, don’t you worry. Now even though Halloween night is on a Thursday, there’s no harm in showing up looking like a zombie on Friday right, just one more day to go until the weekend yeah? However, if that’s really not your ideal night, we have you covered for the weekend too. Even though it will be November there’s still lots of spooky fun to have! Starting off with a brilliant one, we have a 90’s vs 00’s Halloween night. Truly the best classic songs all throughout the night, and even better whilst every single guy is dressed up as this year’s new Joker. It’s going to have the best of pop, rock, hip-hop, and dance from the best years of the millennials, right? You’ve got two whole decades of inspiration for your Halloween costume too. There’s still tickets available so make sure to get in qu

Spooky Ghost Tours in London!

The history of London has so much going on, that really is anyone surprised that we have more than a few ghost stories to tell? For those of you who just love ghosts or you’re really trying to get into the Halloweeny spirit, then walking the streets of London at night, with a guide telling you the worst of the worst can really set those spirits in for you. We’ve rounded up some of the spookiest, scariest, and down right silliest ghost tours across London! There are so many out there, you’ll never be done hearing of the ghosts that haunt London To start off we have a ghost tour that is on every single night, so don’t worry about trying to find a date for you and your friends to finally get together, you’ll get to hear about the ghouls eventually. The Ghost Bus Tour, is complete with a rag tag crew of poltergeists, demons, and some fun spirits too. You’ll be taken on the darkest journey London has to offer, going through it’s evil past, and you’ll hear the stories of how it all w

Halloween Cinema

The fact that us adults can’t go trick or treating anymore is a fright in itself, but it’s okay October cinema can be just as fun, we promise! It’s not the same scares as a club where everyone is dressed up as the Joker or Harley Quinn, but don’t stress we can really send a chill down your spine with these great Cinema spots! London is always an amazing spot for cinema action, and not just every Vue and Odeon on the corner, we’re talking nitty gritty independent cinemas, that can offer you unusual showing, big ballrooms, and lots of snacks that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. So where’s better to go for those classic Horror films right? We’re talking the classic Horror films, the cheesy, and stupidly funny too. Have a  loo of our list of halloweeny cinema events! First off we have The Exhibit Cinema, it’s always showing a mix of everything! It has the modern hits and if you fancy some of the older classic they show films such as The Omen. Now for the month of October, they will b

Some Spooky Spots In London!

This Halloween, prepare to be scared by the City of London. It's easy to feel spooked while wandering the city considering the frequency of ghost sightings and things get even worse after discovering the twisted fates that some of London’s resident ghosts met before their deaths.  Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, exploring these spooky hotspots will make for a memorable night. Here’s our list of just a few of our favourite spooky spots in the city. And no, there aren’t any graveyards, remember, it’s a resting place, not a box to tick on the goth bucket list. First off you can head down to this pub originally known as the Jack the Ripper, this Spitalfields pub can't get away from its gory history. Now named The Ten Bells, some accounts of the Ripper story link two of his victims, Annie Chapman and Mary Jane Kelly, to the pub. Annie Chapman may have drunk at the pub shortly before she was murdered; and it has been suggested that the pavement outside of the pu