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London's Best spots to Jump Around!

One of the main things that you have to deal with living in England is the fact that you never truly know how the weather will treat you that day. However in the midst of summer you want to enjoy all the fun activities you can get your hands on. Now we’ve covered some great options over the last few weeks and we’re not done yet. Today, we have found the best trampoline parks near London; to bring out the child in you once more. However, before we jump into it, let's check out what trampoline can do for you, just in case your friends ask why you’re acting like a child. When you’re trampolining for just ten minutes it’s burning the same calories as a thirty minute jog. It’s a great workout for your core, balance and is a low impact activity also. Okay, let’s jump right into this.  Starting off with Jump Giants. There are so many different activities you can enjoy within the trampolining fun. With five parks across London ranging from Thurrock, to West London, you know you’ve

2020 Best London Mini Golf Spots

Whilst we’re in the heat of summer it’s a great time to enjoy some friendly fun with your friends, family or on a nice date. Whether the weather wants to hold up or not there’s always fun to be had with mini-golf. Not everyone can get into the usual 18 hole golf, it can be long and quiet, and you have to shoot into a normal hole and not a dinosaur mouth or something. When you want to be with friends you want to have fun. Mini-golf has endless themes and has great fun waiting for you. Everyone enjoys getting competitive especially over some ridiculous mini golf game. So here’s a list of some fun spots to get your mini-golf on.  Starting off in South London there is a great 18 hole course. The Dragon Quest Adventure Golf is as you guessed it themed around dragons. There’s dragons, rock caves, monster footprints, and rock paths. You might think this is great for kids and it is, but it’s also fun for those big kids who want to get competitive and have a good time. It’s a large cours

Best Outdoor Pools Across London 2020!

Since London can be so temperamental with the weather and heat we want you to all be prepared for if and when it decides to hit us. There are lots of opportunities to go to indoor pools but say the sun hits and you want to enjoy the sun as if we’re in spain then London has a few outdoor pools to help us enjoy the best bits of summer.  Take a trip down to any of these London outdoor pools, and lidos. Most of them offer more than just a spot to splash about though, with safes, and other exercise facilities, you can go with friends or family and make a day of it! Hampton Pool is a great place to start with outdoor pools as it isn’t as well known as some of the others on this list, but that’s perfect for you to use their pools in peace. It has two heated pools that are always kept perfectly at 28C. The main pool is 36M long and the second one is that bit shorter for children and parents. They have adult only classes and half the pool is always used for lane swimming. So whether you

Best Outdoor Gyms in London!

Now whether you truly enjoy working out or not, i’m going to go with the majority and say probably not. It is still good for you to get your half hour of exercise daily. That being said though not everyone wants to pay out for an expensive gym membership to be in a hot sweaty space with lots of people who seem to know exactly what they’re doing whilst you may not have a clue. That’s okay though, we’ve got a couple options to help you out. Now whilst we're in July we may be enjoying some hot weather depending on how England wants to act. Now across London in some of the best parks they;’ve put out some really good quality outdoor gyms. They’re dotted across London and completely free to use. So you can enjoy the weather and get your half hour in without having to be around any sweaty people, other than yourself.  Starting with Roundwood Park, there is a great outdoor gym to enjoy. With all the outdoor equipment there are also multi-use game areas too for you to use. Not on

Biggest Parks In London!

London isn’t just a concrete jungle like you may think it would be, we have aoms egreat parks and forests across London to help you really enjoy the summer. Some of these are widely known whilst others are just a little more hidden. We wanted to cover some of the biggest parks in London so it won’t matter how busy it’s going to be because you’ll have more than enough space to yourself! The best part about all of this too is that it’s completely free. You can take in the sun, if we get it for that long, and enjoy the space.  Starting with Hampstead Heath, is one of the less manicured parks in London but that doesn’t take away from it’s beauty at all. Only four miles from Trafalgar Square and has about 800 acres of lovely countryside to enjoy! Not only will you find all your classic park goers such as dog walkers, nature lovers, joggers, and more. You’ll also get to enjoy the animals, you may get to see the muntjac deer, woodpeckers, and parakeets that are residents of the park too