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Brick Lane Brick lane is a very popular street that locates inside the area of Tower Hamlets of eastern London. The main reason for its popularity is not only of the short distance from some major underground and train stations, such as Bethnal Green, Hoxton, Shorditch etc., but also of its lively atmosphere. Since the late 1990s, Brick Lane has been the site of several of the city's best known night clubs, notably 93 Feet East and The Vibe Bar, both built on the site of The Old Truman Brewery, once the industrial centre of the area, and now an office and entertainment complex. More recently the area has also broadened to being a vibrant art and fashion student area, with considerable exhibition space. Each year most of the fine art and fashion courses exhibit their work near Brick Lane. Furthermore, the ├írea has been well-known for its grafiti, which features artists such as Banksy, D Face and Ben Eine. The lane  has been used in many music videos such a

Welcome to Hackney

  Hackney is a new district in east London It has become a really popular area, not only because it will be very close to the olympic games but also for its lively atmosphere. In  Hackney, the cultural aspect is very  important. Here you will find many museums, art galleries, clubs, typical bars and young people going around… Places like White Cube and Victoria Miro Gallery are really crowded and have a really good vibe. Thecityrooms has many rooms in the area of Hackney . You can choose one out of many options. You just need to contact us and come and see it. We can offer you single and double rooms. We can choose the one that suits you best? Most of the properties we offer are brand new but all of them are in really good conditions. The price includes council tax, internet, water, light, heating, cleaning. Hackney is a new urban area like Dalston and it is experiencing an great new housing development. The oldest build