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The history of the Field Day Festival

Summer is just around the corner, if the weather wants to cooperate or not, it's still coming. This time of the year also brings a lot of great festivals right in the heart of London, one of the main ones being Field Day. With great line-ups throughout to fill every music taste. As always the day of the festival is the most important but with all the social media hype you can barely wait to get there, bloggers, graphic designers, and more doing everything they can to get you to go to it, and they clearly know what they're doing as it’s sold out every single year. I’ll be covering some of the history, and internet hype of this legendary festival. With various types of music but predominantly alternative rock, it’s been going for just over ten years now with their first festival being August 2007. The original capacity was only 6,000 which was quickly brought up to 10,000 just before the event for how popular it had been. Now every single year they sell out 20,000 s