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Top 3: Weirdest buildings in London

Anyone who’s browsed through our cool on Pinterest will know that we’re suckers for stuff a little out of the ordinary . This passion for alternative designs and interesting architectural form prompted us to produce a list of the weirdest buildings in London. Check them out and tell us which is your favorite! Container city If you've ever been to Wahaca's new place on Southbank, you'll know that shipping containers also make pretty good living and recreational spaces. Lloyd’s Building Slap-bang in the middle of city finance territory, Lloyd’s building is an enormous hub of bustling insurance activity, swarming with suited and booted Londoners who occupy its many trading floors. The structure looks so strange mainly because it was designed with services like lifts, stairs and water pipes on the outside, leaving an uncluttered space within the building itself. The Thin House This building on Thurloe Square in Knightsbridge must be one of,

Bank Holiday's best plans just 1 hour far from London!

With bank holiday coming up this Monday, here are some fresh ideas for where to go if you fancy getting out of the city. Hop on the train at Victoria and you’ll be in Brighton in roughly 50 mins. It’s cool, you’ll be by the sea, it’s always sunny and there are loads of nice places to eat fish and chips , drink and people watch. You also can find cabaret, comedy, classical concerts, theatre and loads of other stuff to keep you entertained. Not up for Brighton? Then check out some of the Polo match fixtures in Sussex . People riding horses whilst hitting balls with sticks, free entry and a licensed bar serving bubbles all sounds pretty good to us. Our next suggestion is punting in Oxford. Head down to the  Magdalen Bridge Boathouse where you can choose to hire a rowing boat, pedalo or punt. If you’re feeling a little lazy you can even enjoy a chauffeured punting experience. Moreover, there is plenty more the city has to offer. Go for a wander around Ch