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Spring in London

In April, the spring has already been installed permanently. The coldest months are long gone, and there is more sun and less rain. Since the weather is improving, it is a good time to visit London parks or take a cruise on the river. You can also leave the centre of London to see ducks and chicks at the Center for wetland conservation in London in Barnes (south west of the city). Many of the attractions of London prepare events and family activities like finding Easter eggs. Hotels often offer special packages for Easter and serve the afternoon tea. Most stores do not open on Easter Sunday, and maybe that weekend the frequency of public transport is reduced. This month marks one of the biggest sporting events, the London Marathon. The route takes runners through the city, including some of the major attractions. You can encourage participants and enjoy the festive atmosphere. It’s important to note the unusual work of the competition to raise money for charity than other marathons. You…

Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race


Famous people born in London

London is one of the top cities of the world and, as such, it was the place of origin of a lot of people who became famous in due to their important work on their areas and changed the world and they did it in their own way.

Charles Chaplin: The most famous comedian actor, Chaplin was a revolutionary artist who changes the film industry in the silent era due to his work about topics never treated before: poverty (“The Kid”), love (“City Lights”), problems about capitalism (“Modern Times”), or giving a funny point of view about Hitler (“The Great Dictator”) for example. He had to go into exile in Switzerland until his death due to he had problems with the FBI. Unfortunately, he only won two Oscars: One for “The Kid” and another one for his professional trajectory

Henry VIII: Born in Greenwich, during his reign he married and divorced a lot of times. This was the reason why he broke up with the Roman Catholic Church and set up the Anglicanism, becoming himself the head of this church. Fur…