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Thorpe Park

When you live in London you have a variety of cultural and entertainment (museums, parks, exhibitions, theater ...) but if one day you want to release tension and have an adrenaline rush, just over half an hour by train is Thorpe Park, the park's most popular attractions of the country. A great place to spend time with family or friends. Although there are attractions of all kinds, without a doubt, what makes Thorpe Park a very attractive park is its extreme roller coasters. And watch out, do not talk of 1 or 2 or 3 ... Thorpe Park are 5 mega-roller coasters!!

The Swarm- a new roller coaster that was installed in 2012 and is inspired by a plane crash. Around the tracks there is a crashed plane and split in two, a fire truck on fire, a burned and overturned ambulance and a helicopter (supposedly are the rescue services who have gone to attend the plane crash). . From this year you can hop back on the Swarm, which makes the attraction even stronger feelings, not seeing wha…

London Underground

Sure you use it often and may not know all their history and curiosities it has. The first section of the metro, called Metropolitan Railway, initially took a journey between Paddington (Bishop's Bridge) and Farringdon Street, a temporary station near the present Farringdon station. This line became the first path underground passenger railway in the world. The London Underground, known colloquially as “The Tube” because of the form of their tunnels, is the oldest and the second largest in the world. It became operational in 1863 and currently has 270 stations and 11 lines. Every day three million passengers use the London Underground, around billion a year. Because of the Blitz (bombing of London by German aircraft), since mid-1940 many Metro stations were used as air raid shelters. in which they even develop health and food facilities. The escalators in the London Underground stations include some of the longest in Europe. The longest escalator is at Angel station, 60 meters long,…


There are many other places in London apart from BigBen, Camdem or Tower Bridge that are worth visiting. This amazing city hides other beautiful spaces where you can walk around for free, enjoying differents environments and tasting delicious dishes. Some of our favourites are:
Little Venice This is a magic place that drives you to the iconic Italian city, here everyone walks slowly and without worries. You can completely forget about problems having a hot coffee inside one of the boats or maybe attend to a funny puppet theatre show.

Spitalfields In this area you can find one of the best vegetables and fruits market, it’s located in the heart of an old building which also contains some restaurants, shops and food stands. It’s a good choice if the weather is bad and you don’t want to stay at home.
You can also have fun at Spitalfields on sunny days, the best plan is take pleasure in the farm taking care of goats, rabbits or even donkeys. All of them are lovely animals that you can visit w…

Beaches near London

Beaches near London
Hi Londoners, good weather is coming finally. We’ve prepared some plans for you to enjoy this sunny days.

If you’re trying to escape from the stress of the city, the nearest place is Brighton Beach where you’ll find different ways to enjoy: funfair, street food markets, watersports… that’s a bustling beach so don’t choose it if you are looking for a rest.
Don’t worry about how to arrive, there are so many trains that will take you to your destination in an hour

Best location when you’re looking for a place to enjoy a family day is West Wittering Beach, it’s considered one of the best in all UK. Is ideal for children, because it isn’t too deep and at low tide some natural swimming pools appears between the sand dunes, creating cozy locations where you can enjoy your meal with your family and friends.
The trip takes 1h30 (you should take a train and a bus), but it completely worth it.

Camber Sand is the best one when you want to have a rest and just enjoy the sunshine and…

London’s elections 2016

The Labour Sadiq Khan will be the next mayor of London. With 99% of the vote counted, mid-afternoon on Friday, the Labour candidate is ahead by nine points to his conservative rival, Zac Goldsmith. Khan will become the first Muslim mayor of a western capital.
Thursday was an important day due to this elections decide something more that which party is in charge of this city, this elections are an important matter about Brexit. Conservative Boris Johnson could serve Friday rod to the Labour mayor of London Sadiq Khan, ready to become the first Muslim mayor of the British capital. Results will not be official until Friday afternoon, but the latest survey, just hours before the opening of the polls gave 11 points to Khan, maturing in almost all segments of the population (except those over 50 years) and especially in the female vote. The difference between the two candidates, who became 20 points, was cut in recent days following the controversial anti-Semitism that has taken its toll not…