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Fun Date Ideas!

Going on dates in London can get pretty boring pretty quick if your idea of a date is dinner or drinks. There’s only so much you can learn about someone by the personality they set up for the first date you go on. So, it’s time to break out of that rut you know, the museums and brunch can be great too but it’s still not what we’re aiming for. You may have a great time, and even better learn enough about your date on whether you want a second date or not. Get out of your comfort zone, get competitive, and creative with these three different date ideas! Firstly, here is a great opportunity to see what your dates culinary skills are like. Are you the type that can barely boil pasta, or are you the next contestant for the Great British Bake Off? Either way you can have a great time between going through the class, enjoying the process. You may just see if they’re the type to get just a bit frustrated when you make a mess of the counter as well. Seen as dating is a way to see if you l

The Best Urban Beaches of London

If and when the lovely British Summer decides to show itself, we all would love to head down to the beach, but here’s the catch; By the time you’ve picked out your swimsuit, a date, and the right factor sunscreen the weather has already changed again before you stepped out of the door. With the busy London lives everybody seems to have around here, we can’t always venture too far out, but we still want to enjoy the sandcastles, cocktails, and beach loungers. This is where we have you covered. There's a few urban beaches dotted around London, they have the sand, water, drinks, and more. So you can enjoy it all without being too far away from home when it inevitably pours down! Starting off with a great option right next to the Thames. Neverland’s Fulham Beach Club has a great atmosphere, definitely more on the adult side of things, rather than the family fun beach option. Not only does it have the beach for you, there's a fully stocked bar with great cocktails, and a restaur

London in Solitude; A To Do List

So let’s say your weekend plans got cancelled, your friend’s fish died and they just can’t take the pain of leaving the house, now what? No matter what has brought you to the moment where you’re looking for things to do alone in London, you’re here. So it’s best to get outside, and learn to enjoy your solitude rather than sit at home and scroll on Instagram at all the people that are seemingly having a way better life than you right now. The thing is, London can be an incredible place to venture on your own. Whilst to some it may seem incredibly daunting, once you really get into it, you’ll find yourself really taking in every part of it. Thousands of people are going to be doing the exact same thing as you are, so try not to feel too self conscious. So here’s a list of a few fun things you can do in London all on your own! Starting off with something that usually you wouldn’t do alone, but change the screen to 10% of the size and your binge watching the Office on Netflix for thr

An Introduction to Pride and This Year's Parade

With the annual Pride parade tomorrow, we can really get into the great fun it has to offer! There is something for absolutely everybody at Pride, this year and every year previous, and every single one going forward. With the world celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots , it’s a great time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in style. Whether you’re looking to follow the parade, catch the great acts afterwards, or just relax in the sun with your friends, there is a lot of opportunity for some fabulous fun in London!  The first official Pride rally in London was held on July 1st 1972, celebrating 2 years since the Stonewall riots in New York in 1969. Now a whole 48 years on we’ve gone from 2,000 people turning up to last years reports showing over one million people, with even more expecting to turn up this year!  The main parade will kick off at 12pm,  starting at Portland Place. The 1.4 mile route will then head down to Oxford Circus, along Regent Street down