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Becoming A Brit: Afternoon-Tea

Afternoon Tea is the epitome of British culture. If you think of a 'typical' British person, your mind would drift to the likes of a good cuppa, scones and all the London tourist attractions you can think of! Today we have combined all of this wonderful history, to find you the most unusual afternoon teas in London. The tradition came about in the 1840's where there would be a long period of time between lunch and dinner. This was carried through time, adapted and loved by everyone. Of course, one thing is left unsettled. The age-old question, jam first, or cream? We don't want to start too many arguments so head over to our Instagram to have your say! Everyone loves a theme, that's for sure! London is offering an exciting experience, where all your childhood dreams come true. Afternoon tea inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I don't think it can get better than this. Although this is on the expensive side at £62 per person this is an experience you

Art Events happening right now in London!

If you’re looking to soak up some amazing culture in the midst of London, then has a look through this list of some of the beautiful art exhibitions happening right now. A few of them are ending very soon, so make sure you get out there quickly. There’s a mix of modern and classic, so you can really take in how art is so subjective. In Ed Ruscha’s ‘Course of Empire,’ it shows twenty years of beautiful paintings showing the difference in the city over the years. It’s on until the seventh of October this year. This one is at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, and it’s completely free. Anthea Hamilton ’s ‘The Squash’ is the last on our list today that ends on the seventh of October as well. It’s a very interesting performance performed every day in one of the seven outfits inspired by various strains of Cucurbita. It’s on at the Tate, so another plus is that it’s free to go. Another one that’s ending on the seventh of October is ' Thomas Cole's Journey ’. He has

How To Survive London's Underground

London is famous for its public transport and more importantly the underground. We're here to give you some advice for tackling the morning rush and inevitably the dreaded delays. Whether you're a born and bred Londoner or in need of some guidance. Everyone can benefit from reading these next few tips as sometimes we fall into the easy routine of the rush and we forget to use these clever little hacks.         1. Plan Your Journey! We cannot stress this enough; if you want to have a relaxed morning you should plan your journey! More often than not, the train and tube lines will be delayed or canceled. This can really put a negative start on your day, and in turn, your whole week! However, it is simpler than it sounds. There are so many resources out there to assist you. For example; the TfL website has live information for you to view, along with many apps. You may be thinking that this won't help you if you are underground, but you no longer have to worry as Wifi Extra

Best Vintage Markets of London

Outside of the H&M and Topshop that sits on every street of London, there are tens of thousands of people looking for a bit more individuality and just as cheap as those H&M sales that you can’t resist. With how the market is changing there are so many different places to get vintage clothing and not break your bank. The option for plus size clothing, ethically sourced, handmade, or custom pieces you can’t try out these five vintage markets we have listed below! You’ve got the mix up of classic brands, and their pieces from the 90’s that are perfectly coming back into fashion, and completely new designs by up and coming designers who’ve booked a stall in the hopes get their name out there! We can start off with Spitalfields Market, which is great as it’s open all week long, but for those fashion finds to make sure you head down on Saturday as it completely transforms into one of the best spots for all thing fashion. They have eighty-eight individual fashion stalls for you t

The Best Trampoline Parks

Summer is almost over and the rain is making an appearance again. If you're like us, we have been hunting for fun, indoor activities to cheer us up! We will be finding new things to do every week; make sure to check us out. Today, we have found the best trampoline parks near London; to bring out the child in you once more. However, before we jump into it, let's check out the health benefits of trampolining. Did you know that 10 minutes of trampolining burns the same calories as a 30-minute jog? You can burn up to 1000 calories per hour! What better way to exercise than to have fun while doing it?  According to AirHop trampolining is a "Low impact activity that provides you with high impact results. Your core is constantly being worked as you move around and adjust your balance". Now you know some of the benefits, let's see what parks are the best!  AirHop First up we have, AirHop in Guildford, just over an hour away from London. This one is outside of t

The Best Board Game Bars in London!

As much as we’re in 2018, video games and VR are everywhere, one thing that you can’t love, is classic and fun board games. Some of us don’t remember board games very well other than the family arguments at Christmas when your nan was the banker in monopoly and shes pocketed your 200 pounds when you passed ‘GO’. However, now we’re in 2018, and fun classic and new board games are all the rage in London bars and cafes. You can join your friends, get competitive all whilst drinking the best beer, and eating the best food! Here’s the list of a few of our favourite spots in London! Let’s start this list off with the leader in the market of board game cafes in London, Draughts! A bar and cafe with so many games on offer that you’ll be coming back all year before you get through them all. They have over 800 games on offer for customers to play! You do have to pay entry here, but it’s only a fiver and you can make an entire day and night of it if you're willing enough to! In that entr