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Best Free and Affordable Online Classes!

Whilst we’re all trying our best to make the most of our time whilst inside it’s easy to say that scrolling our phones all day just won’t cut it. We need to make sure we’re learning everyday, it doesn’t have to be Maths or history you can learn whatever you want to. Especially when the internet has millions of things to offer you. Were you thinking of going back to school, or maybe taking some late classes between work, well this can work well for you. Whether you want to start learning about something to help your career or just to learn more about a hobby, it can all be completely free and you can even get qualifications from it. Best part, these sites will be showing you are free, or extremely affordable. You can work to your own pace, in the enjoyment of your own home. You spend way less on commuting to class and you get to learn just as much.  Starting off with Udemy, this site works with top professors and schools to bring really high quality content to its users. They offer

Easy Arts and Crafts for Home!

We all need to get creative sometimes, especially now, where we haven’t got much else to do other than be inside. We can enjoy all the aspects of our favourite TV shows, and chatting with friends. In between that and getting all our adulting done we need to have a release sometimes. However when you’re cooped up you may not have that many supplies to get you through creatively. Luckily there are still a lot of places that can deliver to you, but we’re hoping that this blog will have some ideas where you’ll already have everything at home ready to go. So let’s get started on some fun arts and crafts.  Starting with something nice and easy, letters. Writing letters to friends, use as many colours and drawings as you want. Write something out to your friends that you want them to know. Yes we know a text works but this has some motivation behind it. You can write why you;re grateful for them, or draw a picture of the both of you, or their cat. It doesn’t have to be good and probably

Easter Fun at Home!

Having fun at  Easter is something you can do no matter where you are. It may not be as easy to enjoy those classic Easter Egg hunts but you can still make them happen if you try hard enough. We’re coming into a four day weekend, with Bank Holiday Friday and Bank Holiday Monday. So let’s make the most of it all and start celebrating all across the weekend. Now as Easter is a religious event, you can find many articles all about how to celebrate it online. We will be talking about the fun activities you can take part in alone, whomever is in your house with you, or friends and family online too. You can start with dying your Easter Eggs. Even though yes this is seen as a kids activity, there’s no harm in the adults giving it a go, and who knows how competitive it can get too. All you need to do is hard boil your eggs, once you’ve done that you can get creative. You can put water, vinegar, and food colouring into bowls and dip your eggs to get a full colour. You can also use small

Childish Fun to Have Whilst at Home!

We’re all adults now and with being adults comes loads of things that just aren’t that fun but we have to do them anyway. Working full time, paying all our bills, looking after our health by not eating four chocolate bars in a row. All boring, but they have to be done. Now not everything has to be so adult though, there are times where we can enjoy ourselves and let go a bit. Now trying to do that at home may not be as easy. You may be able to just sit on your phone, watch TV or read a book wehn at home but we want more for you. There are so many activities we did as kids that we don't actually have to stop doing now. So if you need some fun childish things to do whilst cooped up at home then here’s a few options for you.  Starting off with something that can even be quite relaxing if done right. Colouring. As kids we had to learn how to colour inside the lines and make sure to get the rainbow colors right. Colouring doesn’t need to be so restrictive anymore. There are 1000s