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General Election 2015The UK general election will be contested in May 2015, with the Labour Party (led by Ed Miliband) and the Conservative Party (led by David Cameron, the current prime minister), face to face, both with an indicated 31% of votes. UKIP enters the election contest for the first time,  with a level of support currently at 16% and with the Liberal Democrats trailing fourth, with just  9.0% of the vote accordinging to current polls. Political analysts and opinion polls agree that in the general elections of May 8 no political party will have a majority in parliament with the most likely outcome a  “hung parliament”. After the last election  in 2010, "a similar situation arose with neither Labour nor the Conservatives having enough seats to form a majority in parliament, and therefore having to reach an agreement with the Liberal Democrats" and / or other minority parties may become a reality again. In the event that the UK has a hung parliament. What next? The theo…
HSBC considers moving HQ out of UK
HSBC, Europe's biggest bank, has begun a review of its headquarters to examine where it should be located and whether a move outside of the UK is beneficial, citing the increased regulatory burden. The decision was taken on Thursday at a high level board meeting.
As part of a broad strategic review, the board has asked the management to start working to establish the best location for the headquarters of HSBC,  the bank said in a statement issued Friday.
In the statement, the bank also mentions uncertainty over Britain's future membership of the European Union is weighing on its decision making,  as well as new rules which oblige banks to split their retail and investment banking activities
After the news, the bank's shares rose 2.6%. Indicating that investors look favorably on the idea of a change in  location for the headquarters.
Does HSBC really want to leave the UK? The review follows plans announced in the recent budget to increase the ba…
When the good weather begins, London becomes one of the most beautiful cities to visit and live in. The parks become wonderful places. Londoners and visitors alike,  go to the parks to enjoy the good weather, so that London’s parks become social places, where you can relax, enjoy the day, and meet new people.

The wide variety and large volume of London parks, makes these parks perfect places to host music festivals, these events attract lots of people from all around the world.
These festival year begins in May and last until the end of August,  taking place during the hottest months of the year. This is a list of some of the forthcoming festivals this year.
Hear No Evil in London Fields Sunday May 24 2015 Music genres: reverb-heavy psych-rock and pop. There will becomedy acts, plus  other fun stuff too, visitors can enjoy craft beer on tap in the hospitality areas. The festival  is fundraising for the Macmillan Cancer support charity. Born & Bred in Haggerston Park, H…