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Canary Wharf London

Dockland "Canary Wharf" Canary Wharf is the business centre of London. Its symbol, one Canada Square , is the tallest building of the United Kingdom since 1991. This is the most important business area in England. In fact, there are many banks and companies like HSBC , Barclays , Citigroup . In addition, you can also find many parks , stores, clubs , museums such as the museum of London Dockland or the Factory Wharf in the Tower Canary Wharf), gardens and three shopping centres . The area has changed and it is getting ready to host new middle- and upper-classes by constructing many new flats. Thecityrooms has many rooms in the area of  Dockland . You can choose one out of many options. You just need to contact us and come and see it. We can offer you single and double rooms. We can choose the one that suits you best? Most of the properties we offer are brand new but all of them are in really good conditions. The price includes cou