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London is one of the European capitals that has a proliferation of street art. This is evidenced by the many amazing  works and installations that you can see whilst walking the streets of the capital city. London is home to some fantastic examples of both public and street art – and it's all free to enjoy! Make London your own personal art gallery. You'll discover historical statues, contemporary sculpture, murals, installations and more. Urban art is constantly changing,  things disappear and at the same time new works emerge.  It’s difficult to talk in detail at any one time about current street art as it is an ever changing picture. Many of the photographs here are taken in East London, however the art works can be found scattered throughout the city. Although many can be seen in the East End of London where there is a large concentration. Here is a list of the most famous artists. Bansky The streets of London have been a canvas for guerrilla artist Banksy