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Best Advent Calendar's for 2018

It is that time of year again when it acceptable to eat chocolate every single day, and for the sake of this article, we will pretend we didn't already do this! Dating back to the 1800s the first advent calendars consisted of drawing a chalk line on the door for every day leading up to Christmas Eve. It is believed that the first printed calendar was made in the early 1900s and it was inserted into a newspaper as a gift for the readers. This little piece of history is still well and alive today but as many of you know, this tradition has transformed. In this post, we will be looking at the best advent calendars to get your family! With all the options available to us nowadays it can be difficult to know what the best ones are. This year there is no need to stress from child to adult, you will be able to please everyone! Traditional - Chocolate Calendars The standard advent calendar mostly consists of mini branded chocolates. Such as Milkway, Mars, and Lindt. Of course, we had t