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Kit suvirval London

What do you need when you coming to London?  3. National  insurance number Getting a National Insurance Number in London is mandatory and can be beneficial to you in several different ways. The NI number that you get in London will be a specific number that is allocated to you, and will be able to track the contributions that you have made to the system since the time you joined it. This is the best form of a social security number that you can get. Anywhere that you go to work, in London and anywhere else in the UK, the National Insurance Number is going to be the first thing that your employer will ask you for. This is because UK law expects them to go ahead and deduct applicable taxes and deposit them with the state depository. 4. Bank account In London, the banks issue is very serious. A few years ago, was less complicated, but many foreigners who come for short stays, they returned to their countries without closing the accounts and they bega
Maida Vale The Maida Vale area is usually regarded as being bounded by Maida Avenue and the Regent's Canal in the South, Maida Vale road to the north east, Kilburn Park Road to the north west, and Shirland Road and Blomfield Road to the south west.  The southern part of Maida Vale around Paddington Basin , a junction of two canals with many houseboats , is known as Little Venice . It is famous for the fact that the Abbey Road Studios of EMI are located at 3 Abbey Road, St John's Wood, for The Beatles and many other famous musicians have recorded in this study, and because The Beatles named their LP final study of 1969 Abbey Road.  Pink Floyd The group also recorded some of his records in the studies, including the album The Dark Side of the Moon. The Grand Union Canal in England is part of the British canal system . Its main line starts in London and ends in Birmingham , stretching for 137 miles (220 km) with 166 locks . It has arms to places incl