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Cycling in London

CYCLING  IN LONDON London has experienced an important increase in the amount of cyclists during the last years. Many times it can be both faster and cheaper to pick up you own  bike and just go ahead. It is a perfect way to move around doing some sports, even more in summer, and be able to take a look to those places we never get to see in London. If you still do not own a bike, don't panic. As you probably know it is very cheap to rent one of the bikes provided by Barclays , so there are no more excuses to avoid it. The facilities we've got now to stop stressing out and enjoy the freedom of riding are many. If you wonder what kind of places or routes are better for you, try Paddington to Hayes ,  Bow to Tottenham , Limehouse to Little Venice , or Richmond to Hampton Court . All of them take less than an hour, and will let you discover new places, admire London architecture and the hidden streets or neighborhoods. It is mandatory to mention the World Nak

London's Futurist City

Trinity project got the go-ahead from the City of London. You might not have heard of Trinity. It’s a cosy threesome of office buildings set for construction in that obscure corner of the City known as Minories. Just shy of 100 m tall, its loftiest section will stand taller than the Westminster Clock Tower. Not so exciting in its own right. But when you look at some of the other upcoming projects around town, a trend emerges. Architects seem to have a newfound penchant for the bulky and bulbous, in three shades of grey. Take Foster’s ‘ cyborg cathedral ’ (left, above), a development in Walbrook just a few feet shorter than St Paul’s. Its unusual profile has led some to dub it the Darth Vader helmet. The ponderous, melting mass will replace the little-lamented Bucklersbury House. Then there’s this Allies and Morrison brute (right) at 120Moorgate , which recently received planning permission. The Pythagorean plaything was last seen 400 miles off Newfoundland, wh

London's most expensive properties

Most of us can only dream of buying one of the London’s most expensive properties. Here’s our guide to some of the most expensive properties in London that are for sale at the moment, including the most expensive property in the UK: This modernist home in London's Highgate, complete with swimming pool and cinema, is on the market for a cool £18.95m. This Italianate Grade II listed villa in Holland Park is on the market for £26.5m. . This Eaton Square apartment, complete with magificient dining room and a maid's room, is on sale for £28m. A five-bedroomed apartment in Kensington. This property, which boasts a pool and gym, has a £30m price tag A Hampstead mansion in immaculate condition could be yours for £40m. The is also one last property, but sadly, it is not for sale... =)