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Tips to keep your house warm in winter The winter is coming and this one could  be one of the  coldest winter in years according with the meteorologist so optimize home heating is key to save some money. Here are some inexpensive and homemade ways to do it! 1.Learn to use a programmable thermostat andshut up unused rooms. You can save a lot of money, configure the settings of your heating to be on when is necessary It is much more efficient that have all the day turn on.
Close the doors and turn off the radiators of the empty rooms  to prevent cold air to move into the rest of the house is also a good tip. 2. Harness the Sun It is important to try to use as much natural heat through sunlight. During the day, open the blinds and curtains on the south-facing windows—and let the Sun warm you. At night, close the blinds and curtains to better insulate your home and this measure is  free . 3.  Avoid placing furniture in front of radiators. Try to avoid placing large furniture in front of  radiators…
Christmas Markets
London it’s an amazing city any time of the year but in Christmas it becomes one of the coolest cities in the world, magical environment, festive fairs and a really good chance to have fun with your friends, family even by yourself. You know that is nearly Christmas because the vibrant Christmas London Markets surround you and as well you will find many activities and  shopping for all ages.
I suggest to visit at least one of them because could be a plan that  turns Christmas presents shopping in a funny day, Christmas London Markets are all around London so it’s very likely to find one of them nearby These are the most important Christmas market
The Southbank Centre Christmas Market Dates: 20th November to 24 December
The Southbank Center Christmas Market returns for 2015, with the traditional German-style stalls once again lining the riverfront between Waterloo Bridge and the London Eye, Where you will find all kinds of gifts, as hand-crafted trinkets, wooden toys, jew…
Christmas Lights
Christmas is coming and London is one of the most amazing places to enjoy it but do you know the best Christmas lights? If not keep reading and discover them.
Winter at Southbank Centre Southbank center is transformed into a magical landscape during this season, a bustling market, hundred of lights and many events make it´s a Must visit. From  20 November to 3 January Address: Belvedere Road London SE1 8XX
Carnaby Christmas Lights Take a break from shopping and food to marvel at the spectacular Christmas lights. Carnaby Street, one of the most famous streets in London, is decorated with sparkling light over the festive period. From 12 November to 8 January Address:  46A Carnaby Street, London W1F 9PS
Covent Garden Christmas Lights Covent Garden has Christmas all wrapped up this year, as the district unveils an all-new, mistletoe-inspired light scheme, launches London’s first Mulled Wine Festival and hosts  ‘Giftmas’   From 12 November  to  6 January Address: The Market London WC2E…
Remember, remember the fifth of November. This is the poem that will always remind us of the history of London we celebrate this amazing event with spectacular fireworks thanks to Guy Fawkes who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.
Guy Fawkes’ night  is a British tradition dating back to the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, when Catholic conspirator Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James.

The anniversary of Fawkes' arrest is on 5th November we  celebrated each year with fireworks and bonfires literally everywhere in London North, South, East and West.

The most spectacular fireworks in North London are:  
The Alexandra Palace fireworks on Saturday (7th of November) Corman’s Fields at Bloomsbury on Friday (6th of November) Fortismere School Playing Fields, at Fortis Green (5th of November)

Also Amazing fireworks at East London
ArcelorMIttal Orbit at Stratford on Saturday (7th of November) Victoria Park at South Hackney on Saturday (7th of…