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Best events in London this February!

January blues have come and gone, and the longest gap between paychecks is finally over. There are so many brilliant things to do in February, even though the days aren’t necessarily any brighter, and still definitely just as cold, we can still have fun. Now we’ve got important days like Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day this month, but don’t worry we have seperate blogs for those coming out in the next couple weeks. For now though, we’ve got events every weekend for you to enjoy, festivals, pop-ups and more!  Right round the corner, tomorrow we have the ‘Plant Powered Expo’ coming to Olympia London! The 1st to the 2nd of February! So if you tackled Veganuary or not, you’ve got a chance to head down there and enjoy some amazing vegan foods. Whether the vegan lifestyle is right for, it won’t matter, there’s a great selection of stalls with lots of varieties for you to try out! Now heading over to Kew Gardens, February calls for the the beautiful ‘Orchid Festival’ starting from

Chinese New Year Celebrations in London!

Chinese New Year is tomorrow, and the festivities have already begun! We’re welcoming in the ‘Year of the Rat’ at this huge celebration all across London. Join the largest celebrations of Chinese New Year outside of Asia, with an almost overwhelming amount of colour, traditional dancing lions, live music, and a ton of dragons too. The start of Chinese New Year is Saturday the 25th but the main London events will be happening on Sunday the 26th. So you still have time to plan out your day! Every year hundreds of thousands of people head down to the West End to enjoy the parade, music, acrobatics, and activities. Chinatown and Trafalgar Square will have a lot going on too! There’s also a lot of traditional chinese food obviously! Make sure to wish each other "Xin Nian Kuai Le" (Happy New Year in Mandarin) or  "San Nin Faai Lok" (in Cantonese) aswell! Starting with the incredible Chinese New Year Parade, which starts as soon as 10am hits. Starting at Charing Cross

There's still lots more fun to have in January!

We are already well into January, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still lots more incredible events going on that you need to make time for! We’ve got light installations, culture, and art all to fill up the chilly nights of January for you. So what are you waiting for? and don't worry we're going to be talking about Chinese New Year next week! Starting off with a festival that only started yesterday, and will be on up until the 25th, we have the beautiful Winter Lights Festival. For the past six years Canary Wharf has held a festival of intricate, inventive, light installations. Between all the skyscrapers you can wander to find all 26 of the art installations, or you can download their map to make it a  bit easier. There are some familiar ones from last year, and some new ones too. Best part about it, is that it’s entirely free to attend.  Now to celebrate London’s all new Borough of Culture for the year. The first year was Waltham Forest, now we’ve moved over to Brent.

Great Ways To Save And Spend In January!

January is here, and we’ve spent all of our money over Christmas on copious amounts of food and drink. So this is the perfect time to try out all the free trials, discounts, and offers that companies have on right now! Companies are always keen to show you how great their services are and will give you a free trial before you commit to buying or simply forget to cancel your subscription. Speaking from personal experience, its very easy to forget until you see you can’t pay for your Tesco meal deal because you;re £20 over for a subscription to different types of so called healthy snacks. So here’s just a few of our favourite places to get free things and discounts!  Starting off with Graze, it’s a company that hand pick out healthy snack boxes for your breakfast, lunch at work, or just a tasty snack in the evening. Each box has four snacks in it with hundreds of options to choose from. You can get one free box, just by going to their site and signing up. You can pick all the th