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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

You know that moment when you go through November thinking you had plenty of time till Christmas and next thing you know, it is 19th December and you still have gifts to buy? It's okay, we've all been there. If this is you now, check out our quick fire list of last minute gifts! Without buying those dreaded aftershave packs! Flowers & Plants  Nature goes a long way. You can find some beautiful unique plants for that special someone. This alternative gift will spice up their room and will have them speaking about it non stop! Here are some suggestions: Waitrose & Partners stock a variety of indoor and outdoor plants. For example a Yucca elephantipes (Shown below). Hamper: Are you struggling to think of one main gift for someone? This year put together a handmade hamper. Go to your local convenience store and get a basket. Then will it with loads of sweet items. This could range from stationary, hot chocolate, a gift card, clothing, and much more! These are

Christmas Decorations: Home to Office

Christmas is right around the corner and it is time to get decorating! Whether it is at home or in the office, you can never have too much. Office  Amazon Snowflake Stickers When it comes to decorating the office, you have to try and make it as easy as possible! Below we have included some of our favorite office decorations to bring the spark to your day! These snowflake stickers are the perfect office decor. They are easy to stick to the window and even easier to remove! You can put as many or as few of these up as you like and they will continue to look fantastic. Your colleagues will adore this little addition to the office. Best Artificial Christmas Tree Best Artificial Christmas Tree An essential when Christmas decorating is making sure you have a beautiful statement tree. The best way to go about this task is getting an artificial one. This is a must if you're in charge of decor. The last thing you want is someone being allergic to the tree, along with