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Biggest Museums of London!

The weather is warming up again, and we’re all wanting to get out and about, sometimes our wallets just can’t hold up to all the summer activities though. So whether you’ve lived here your whole life or you’re new to London, taking in some culture, and for free are high up on the list of best things to do when you’ve spent all your money on the Uber home the night before. So, if you want to make the most of your day off, then you can get round to one of the many free museums of London! The majority of London’s best museums are nationally run, so don’t cost visitors a penny. Donations are always welcomed at these places, so if you feel really moved, and you have a couple pound left in your pockets then I’m sure you may feel just a little better about yourself. Starting off with a major one, that most people know about it’s The Natural History Museum has an amazing building called the Alfred Waterhouse building. It houses a collection that contains some 70 million fossils, rock, plan

Easter Weekend in London!

It may only be April, but it’s about time we get a well deserved four day weekend. Considering they come round only once a year, the weather would tell me that now’s the perfect time for it. This year Easter Sunday falls on the 21st of April, there’s lots more fun to be had though, as from Good Friday to Easter Monday London always pulls out all the stops when it comes to Easter! Not just for the children over the half term, but for the adults who have no idea how to spend their time off! Being one of the only socially acceptable times of the year to eat way too much chocolate, we thought you may want to get out of the house at least once. So we’ve put together a few events and places to go for when you’ve decided you can’t eat a single bit more of that Easter egg. Starting off with Good Friday, and an annual tradition in Trafalgar Square. The passion of Jesus, is an incredible open air performance by the Wintershall Players. Completely free to attend, just turn up, it tells the s

How to be a kid at heart in London!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, we’re all pretty much kids at heart still . Whether our bodies can handle the physical strain that a child could is questionable, but we still give it a good go. So, as the weather is warming up and we’re all wanting to get out and do something with our time, it’s a great time to abandon all your adult responsibilities and jump into all the kid activities you miss dearly, because now if you show up to the ball pit, you’ll have some questionable looks from parents. But that’s not an issue anymore, because London essentially being a massive playground, there’s lots of opportunities for adults to be kids again and not looked twice at. So, let’s get right into just a few of the ways you can forget about that annoying pension plan. First off we have an incredible place, that you’ll surely be out of breathe at in five minutes, but you’re a trooper and will keep yourself going till you’re passed out on the floor. It’s Flip Out London. The capital’s large

Record Store Day 2019!

In just a couple weeks it will be time for this year’s annual Record Store Day. Saturday April 13th isn’t just any other day, it’s a day where over 200 independent record shops all across the UK come together to celebrate their unique culture and celebrate. It’s become so big now that many of London’s top music boutiques are planning to join in on the day!  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a vinyl enthusiast or just really enjoy the music there is something for you ! The best part about it all , is that besides the actual vinyls, pretty much all the events available are free. Live music from Djs and performers, lots of exhibitions and a couple pop ups too. There’s so much to do all throughout the day you won’t have a minute to sit down. So we thought we would show you the Rough Trade options on offer, because we couldn’t have any list about record stores if we didn’t include at least one Rough Trade, but don’t worry, this list has two of them! However you can jump on over to RecordSt