There's still lots more fun to have in January!

We are already well into January, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still lots more incredible events going on that you need to make time for! We’ve got light installations, culture, and art all to fill up the chilly nights of January for you. So what are you waiting for? and don't worry we're going to be talking about Chinese New Year next week!
Starting off with a festival that only started yesterday, and will be on up until the 25th, we have the beautiful Winter Lights Festival. For the past six years Canary Wharf has held a festival of intricate, inventive, light installations. Between all the skyscrapers you can wander to find all 26 of the art installations, or you can download their map to make it a  bit easier. There are some familiar ones from last year, and some new ones too. Best part about it, is that it’s entirely free to attend. 
Now to celebrate London’s all new Borough of Culture for the year. The first year was Waltham Forest, now we’ve moved over to Brent. Starting…

Great Ways To Save And Spend In January!

January is here, and we’ve spent all of our money over Christmas on copious amounts of food and drink. So this is the perfect time to try out all the free trials, discounts, and offers that companies have on right now! Companies are always keen to show you how great their services are and will give you a free trial before you commit to buying or simply forget to cancel your subscription. Speaking from personal experience, its very easy to forget until you see you can’t pay for your Tesco meal deal because you;re £20 over for a subscription to different types of so called healthy snacks. So here’s just a few of our favourite places to get free things and discounts! 

Starting off with Graze, it’s a company that hand pick out healthy snack boxes for your breakfast, lunch at work, or just a tasty snack in the evening. Each box has four snacks in it with hundreds of options to choose from. You can get one free box, just by going to their site and signing up. You can pick all the things you w…

How to make Christmas Shopping a little easier in the last few days before Christmas!

Christmas is only five days away now, and that means those that haven;’t finished their shopping are dealing with pushy crowds, and the stress of finding something that isn’t as basic as some socks. We can always try to convince ourselves that Christmas shopping is going to be better this year, but it never is. There’s too many people in the exact same situation who think they deserve the last toy on the shelf more than you do. Along with that you probably will lose every piece of your sanity and still haven’t even started wrapping your gifts yet. So we have some tips to make these last few days before Christmas as simple as possible so you can make all your friends and family happy. 
Something you may think is so obvious but a lot of people just brush over this. A list. Make a list of everyone, with a budget, and some ideas too. It will help you budget exactly what you;re spending. Plus when you get those ideas together and you need to head down to the shopping centres, you can head t…

Best Christmas Markets of 2019!

We’re well into December now, and that means we’re Christmas Shopping. There are loads of shopping centres all over, but we like the idea of getting super festive, and involved in the Christmas spirit. That means we’re heading down to all the best Christmas fairs and markets going! Prepare to find all you want for Christmas, no matter what you;re looking for! There will be festive food such as Mince pies, mulled wine, German hot dogs too! Then there’s traditional decorations, cutting edge arts and crafts. If you;re looking for that last minute gift then a classic Christmas market is great for that too! Now let’s get into just a few of the best!
Starting with Leicester Square, it's been on since the 8th of November, and will go on all the way up until the 5th of January, so don’t worry about not getting there before Christmas, you can carry on with that festive fun all the way into 2020! At the very heart of the London district, a beautiful sparkly market is happening! You can wande…

The Most Scenic Christmas Lights Of London!

The stunning Christmas lights of London are in full swing, on every street you can see beautiful bright lights celebrating the most festive time of year! London boasts some of the best Christmas lights, however this time we’re not talking about all of the most festive streets like Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and more. We wanted to go a bit more fairytale and a lot less big buildings on long streets. We’ve decided to piece together a few of the most scenic Christmas lights you can see this December. 
Starting off with Syon Park Forest which will be lit up like a Christmas tree. A longstanding west London rival to Kew’s display, the woodlands of Syon Park will light up for the winter with an array of colourful lighting displays. This one’s ticketed, so book yourself in on their website.This will be the 14th year that they’ve decided to enchant the 6-century-old woodlands using a spectrum-worth of lights, lasers, strobes, floodlights, and other such modern wizardry.
Now over to Syon Park…

Most Interesting Advent Calendars of 2019

December is just around the corner and that may mean you end up with a classic chocolate advent calendar. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Opening up a little door for chocolate 25 days straight has every bit of fun involved as it is. However these days you can get beauty calendars full of lovely scented perfumeand lotions in advent calendars for adults, or pieces of railway or Lego which you build as you go in advent calendars aimed at kids, but there’s no harm in you having one too! We've picked what we believe are some of the best advent calendars of 2019.  We would, of course, never suggest that you replace your go-to chocolate advent calendar – but this year, there are some truly gorgeous non-chocolate advent calendars to enjoy alongside it. Christmas starts here, with our round-up of the best alternative advent calendars for 2019. This list is full of variety so there's something for everyone. Hopefully you'll enjoy the 24 days before Christmas as muc…

Most Scenic Ice Rinks in London!

Christmas may seem so far away still, but really, were just over four weeks away, so that means all the stores have christmas music on, and you feel like you’re the only one who hasn’t yet bought everybodies christmas presents. Yes, it’s still November. The cold is still here though, so hats and scarves at the ready because we can at least start enjoying the festivities right? With November, comes all of the best ice rinks opening up over the winter season. Whether you’re a master of the ice rink, or you’re just like bambi barely keeping yourself off the floor, ice skating is great fun, with a partner or friends! If that’s not a good enough reason, just think of the cute insta pics you can get. Even though there are dozens dotted all over London, we have picked out our favourites on the best landmarks of London!
Starting off with the Tower of London, every year they set up a beautiful ice rink down in the dry moat. You can get wonderful views of the ancient fortress and the river Thame…