Biggest Parks In London!

London isn’t just a concrete jungle like you may think it would be, we have aoms egreat parks and forests across London to help you really enjoy the summer. Some of these are widely known whilst others are just a little more hidden. We wanted to cover some of the biggest parks in London so it won’t matter how busy it’s going to be because you’ll have more than enough space to yourself! The best part about all of this too is that it’s completely free. You can take in the sun, if we get it for that long, and enjoy the space. 
Starting with Hampstead Heath, is one of the less manicured parks in London but that doesn’t take away from it’s beauty at all. Only four miles from Trafalgar Square and has about 800 acres of lovely countryside to enjoy! Not only will you find all your classic park goers such as dog walkers, nature lovers, joggers, and more. You’ll also get to enjoy the animals, you may get to see the muntjac deer, woodpeckers, and parakeets that are residents of the park too. Whet…

Some of the Best Games for Xbox and PlayStation!

There are so many consoles out there, and right up there as the main competitors we have Xbox versus Playstation. I personally love both, have both with all their generations and both have pros and cons. This blog isn’t about picking apart each one and why they're better. It definitely won’t be about how PC is ultimately better than all of them anyway. I’m here to talk about some of the best games that have been brought out on both Xbox and Playstation, and if you haven’t played these before I would definitely recommend them. There are options for the 360, ps3, Xbox One, and PS4. So no matter what one you’ve got you’ll have a couple options on here for you. The plus is that you can get these games from Amazon, ebay, game, pretty much anywhere and you don’t even have to leave your house and they’re still pretty affordable games too with lots of gameplay hours behind them.

Starting with options for the Playstation3 and Xbox 360:

Bioshock Infinite is an amazing place to start. This gam…

Ways To Waste Time on the Internet!

Spending time online can be endless, in fact it is endless. You will never run out of things to do. Along with all of your favourite social media, and streaming platforms, you can always learn something new to. You’re not here to learn about what the internet is though, you’re here to waste time, and as much of it is possible. Sometimes when you’re online you’ve finished scrolling Tik Tok for the past four hours and now you want to do something else. Here’s a list of random websites for you to truly just drain sometime into to get the hours going. You may even learn something new whilst you’re at it. 

Starting off with a fun game, this is called ‘Little Alchemy’. I’ve played this game alone and with friends, and it definitely can become quite addicting. This is a very basic game where you start with the base elements. Earth, fire, water, air is all you get. You have to piece these together to make new objects, animals, etc. Such as putting Earth and fire together you get lava, and wate…

Celebrating Father's Day!

We’re only a week away from this year’s Father’s Day, and there is always so much celebrating and fun to be had, but it may not always be that easy to celebrate with your dad if you’re in another house, city, country. Celebrating your dad and everything he has done for you can be so easy and still mean a lot. There are many different ways to celebrate, when together, and from a distance. We’ve got options to make some fun memories, and great experiences!
Starting with a classic, this one is one you’d need to be there for, but we have an idea to do it differently too. Breakfast in a bed is always a sweet way to start, you can make their favourite food for them whether it be a full fry-up or as basic as cereal. Now you may be able to achieve this from home as long as they’re willing to get out of bed for it. You can use any of your basic food delivery apps, find one that’s got some good breakfast food, cereal may not be an option here. But you can send this over to them to enjoy in the m…

Best 24/7 Live Streams to Watch!

Sometimes you're at home, wondering whatever else is going on in the world. Maybe you;re thinking about the next time you;re going to the zoo, you’re thinking about what’s going on up in space, or dotted around London. As humans, our minds wander and we get curious about what is going on anywhere else other than where we are right now. So you can go on Google Maps and look at popular places, or your old houses or instead we have some interesting ideas for you. There are thousands upon thousands of 24 hour live streams that are streaming almost anything. So here’s a few we would absolutely recommend. 
Starting off with your favourite animals. There are zoos, and aquariums all over the world that are streaming their enclosures for all your favourites. Starting off with the ‘Aquarium of the Pacific’ and the ‘Vancouver Aquarium’ they have several live cams that let you watch their cutest and not so cute creatures live their everyday lives. So if you’re wanting sharks, or penguins, we’v…

Drawing Exercises to Keep Your Creative Mind Busy!

Drawing is something that absolutely everyone can do, there are many limitations you feel you may come across, but we can assure you there is a way for you to enjoy drawing, lose yourself in it, get creative, and want to come back too. Here’s the thing though, drawing may come along with an art block. Sometimes you may not know what to draw and it just gets the better of you because you think if you;re going to be spending your time drawing it has to be worthwhile with a masterpiece at the end of the time you;ve dedicated to doing it. Drawing can be fun, and just to put some time away, to practise new things, and to simply enjoy in a time where you may not get to do your usual activities. You may be used to drawing, just may have trouble focusing for lo9ng periods of time, I just need to come away from that one piece you;ve been working on for weeks and look at something new. Either way we hope we can help you, we’ve got some interesting ideas. 
Starting off with something incredibly s…

How to Meditate at Home!

Meditation is something that is great for the mind, body, and soul. It can help you focus, relax, get through any uncertain emotions, and uncertain times. It’s always a good stop gap to pause and calm the mind in trying times. Not everyone knows how to meditate though, it can feel confusing, and hard to not be able to completely lose yourself in your mind and relax. Here’s the thing though, it’s not really going to be like that for most people. The mind wanders, and that;s okay. We’re going to go through some tips and tricks on how to meditate that don’t put too much pressure on you to get it ‘right’. We hope they can help you as they have definitely helped us. 
Firstly you want to pick a good time, and a good place to do it. Find a time where you don;t have plans, there’s not a lot of loud things going on around you. Find a good spot where you feel comfortable, and not too rigid. Sometimes people enjoy meditating lying down, and you can do that too. There are a lot of breathing exerci…