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50 things to do in London for Youth

What to do in London if you have just arrived to London and feel like exploring, but don’t know what to start with? How about shopping, cinema, adrenaline rides, games, sports and live music to get you started?
Must-dos, and don’t-leave-London-withouts: 1) Get lost among the many floors at Topshop’s Oxford Street flagship store 2) Take a selfie at one of London's best photo spots (Big Ben,Tower bridge,Buckingham palace) 3) Discover what the Drop Dead – Drop Ride to Doom really does to the human body at the London Dungeon 4) Explore the Top 10 movie locations of London 5) Head to the West End to see the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus and hang out in Leicester Square

Want something more exciting, something that you would never forget after experiencing? London has it all!
6) Admire The View from The Shard at the top of Europe’s second tallest building 7) Go on the roof of London’s famous entertainment centre with an Up at The O2 adventure 8) Ride a ca…
How to overcome your job interview in London
When you are looking for a job in London you must be prepared. First of all, When you find an interview In London it is important to be punctual and arrive few minutes before the interview, make sure you find the right address where the interview is taking place and calculate the time it will take you to get there.
The first impression is important, so having a good image could help you to get the job. The image how ever is not the main concern of the employer,but it is very important as that sets an impression of you as a possible employee.
What you want a manager of the company to see is that you are  someone who can be a part of their team, someone whose appearance does not harm the company's image.
Basic rules of dressing:
Dress appropriately for the job you are applying - similar or even better of the people who are working there.
If you want to give dynamic image, avoid wearing just a classic suit. Wear something smart,but modern. Avoid…