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Quirky Bars in London (2019)

London is full of places for you to explore; from restaurants to tourist attractions. When it comes to a good night out, the options are endless! However, we want to let you in on a secret and show you the quirkiest bars in London. Every bar out there is a completely new experience, from crazy themes and beautiful settings there is a quirky bar out there for you.  If you are a science lover, you will fall in love with our first choice. The Alchemist is located only a five-minute walk from Liverpool Street station, it' a bar and restaurant like no other. They create cocktails straight out of the lab and mix them at your table. Not only is this a new, modern and unconventional way to experience cocktails but they also teach you how to do it! With their masterclasses, you can learn the art of mixing these crazy cocktails, yourself. The fun doesn’t stop there, The Alchemist doesn’t just create a great experience for its customers; they also give back to their partners! Every mont

Notting Hill Carnival Tips and Advice!

Last year nearly two million people attended the incredible Notting Hill Carnival, so it definitely deserves the title and reputation of Europe’s biggest street festival! An annual celebration with the Caribbean community at heart, it’s a huge street festival for everything Caribbean. This festival has been going since 1966 and it’s amassed itself to an existing two day event, with 36 static sound systems, soca floats, steel bands, and a whole lot of delicious food! Still, the sheer size of this event can be pretty daunting, so here’s some tips and advice for how to make the most of this bank holiday weekend! Even though there are some great events and outside pre carnival fun we will be starting off with Sunday the 25th. The party starts at 10am with an opening ceremony then the parade starts at 10:30am. As Sunday is a family day at the carnival it is very busy but not as crazy as Monday can get. There will be entertainment all throughout the day on several stages so look out f

A Day Out In Islington!

Islington is and always has been a great place to venture whether it’s for a weekend of just a couple hours. There is so much variety of things to do that can keep you busy no matter the type of people you’re with! With bars, restaurants, vintage markets, theatres, cinemas, and even beautiful walks you’re covered even with the smallest of budgets! You can start your day by bagging a bargain at Chapel Market. Stareets markets are becoming less and less common throughout London because of the big brands taking everything they can, but out at Chapel Market there are stalls that cover everything you’d see on the set of Eastenders. Fruit, veg, clothing, homeware, the lot of it! Maybe pick up a couple cute bits and pieces are just listen to the people peddling their 3 tonnes of strawberries for just a pound. Then head down to Camden Passage where there are dozens of antique and vintage stores surrounded by coffee shops and pubs. Mixed in with all of this is lots of market pop up sta

Food and Drink Festivals this August!

Whilst we’re still enjoying the best parts of summer, festivals are all around let’s really enjoy some of the most memorable bits of it. The food. You can guarantee that these festivals are making sure to give you the best variety and tastiest options throughout so you can really enjoy yourself. Sometimes a bit of a hefty price tag comes with it but when you’ve been dancing for several hours that price tag can go out the window. So here’s what we’re saying, imagine all the options of all the festivals, and you can try as many of them as possible. We’re talking about food festivals, specifically the best food festivals in London throughout August. The mouth-watering food is the absolute main attraction and we’ve got you covered! Okay, the title here is going to throw you off just the slightest considering we’ve just been talking about food, however this is a great festival, and it’s on right now, and across the weekend. It’s the London Craft Beer Festival. (Don’t worry there’s great

Some of the weirdest places London has to offer!

London is the best known cities in the world, there’s enough touristy memorabilia to fill a museum ten times over, but with London being as big as it is, the touristy parts can become pretty repetitive. We can all goon the London Eye, down the Thames, get on a Double Decker red bus. There’s nothing wrong with that, and that’s part of the classic experience that comes with London. However, for those that like to really venture to weird and wacky parts of London, we have a great list to offer you,. We have some unconventional places that can show you just some of the weirdest and most fascinating that London has to offer! Starting off with a place that just cannot be replicated, with have the Novelty Automation Museum. Just hidden behind a Bloomsbury shop front is an arcade that really doesn’t think Pacman is all that interesting. Created by a completely mad artist and inventor Tim Hunkin over the space of thirty years, each arcade game has a very interesting story behind it, and com