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Outdoor Pools in London to Help Combat the Heat.

Since London is getting cooked alive by the sun and us Londoners just don’t know how to deal with that, why not go for a quick dip?  Take a trip down to any of these London outdoor pools, and lidos. As we are really getting into the heat of summer now, you can really enjoy the sun but still relax, as it’s not always easy to just lay out in it for 6 hours a day. Most of them offer more than just a spot to splash about though, with safes, an d other exercise facilities, you can go with friends or family and make a day of it! Brockwell Lido has a huge Olympic sized pool, and not only that has a gym, hydrotherapy zone and an indoor cycling studio! What more could you ask for? Well if you're about to say food, then they have you covered already. With their Art Deco Grade II-listed Lido Cafe, they serve all day long whether you want a light snack or a candlelit dinner. Now if you’re still asking for more we may call you greedy but Brockwell goes the whole nine yards with summer s

How To Help The Environment, And Your Wallet, Whilst Renting.

With 31% of UK properties being rented, it usually comes with a lot of rules and regulations which mean you don’t have a huge amount of freedom in your place. So when it comes down to being aware of the impact we have on the environment and working to a better world, it seems pretty difficult to make any difference when in a flat. what can we do in a rented place? Well here are some small, inexpensive changes that can not only help the world but help keep your financial costs down, like your water and heating bills. Getting an energy monitor is always a good place to start. Having a visual representation of not only how much electricity you’re using but how much money you’re spending monthly can make a big difference. By raising awareness of what you’re doing you’ll most likely be that bit more mindful. Studies have shown between a 3-15% decrease in use because of a monitor. At the moment you do still have to pay for one or go through your energy provider to get one but the govern

Where To Go To Watch The World Cup.

The World Cup is almost here. The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be the 21st FIFA World Cup so far, and It is taking place on the 14th of June until the 15th of July in Russia. They were awarded the hosting rights all the way back in 2010. For a full month this summer, we get to witness an amazing sport, but mostly it’s just an excuse to go to the pub. But there’s going to be hundreds of places throughout London showing the World Cup, so we thought we would give you a list of just a few of them! Tropicana Beach Club in Covent Garden is showing matches on giant screens, with their own special food menus available for the tournament! You can make a whole event of it, and they’ve got rooms to hire as well if you're planning on bringing all your friends with you. Piana Works in Farringdon is usually a music venue, but for now, they're pausing the music to screen the matches. They’ve got planned special deals for you when a yellow or red card is given out and a cocktail hour to

Giving Your Rented Property Some Personality.

When you move out of your family home, it’s not likely you’ll be buying a house or flat immediately. If you are one of those people, congrats, but stop bragging now okay. But for the people that are moving into a rented place, no matter the size, decorating can be a bit difficult. There tends to be a lot of rules and restrictions to decorating. No paint or wallpaper on the walls, and definitely no nails in there either. At this point, you think you’re going to end up just sitting in an empty white room, with no originality to make it your own. This is what I struggled with when I moved out, and after a couple of months of not knowing what to do and not enough money to pay somebody else to figure it out for me, I trawled the internet in the hopes of the perfect plan. My place needed to be a perfect combination of cheap, flexible, and interesting. I didn’t find that exactly, but I started working on it and after five years I’ve started to figure out what works best for me. Hope