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Most Interesting Advent Calendars of 2019

December is just around the corner and that may mean you end up with a classic chocolate advent calendar. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Opening up a little door for chocolate 25 days straight has every bit of fun involved as it is. However these days you can get beauty calendars full of lovely scented perfume and lotions in advent calendars for adults, or pieces of railway or Lego which you build as you go in advent calendars aimed at kids, but there’s no harm in you having one too! We've picked what we believe are some of the best advent calendars of 2019.  We would, of course, never suggest that you replace your go-to chocolate advent calendar – but this year, there are some truly gorgeous non-chocolate advent calendars to enjoy alongside it. Christmas starts here, with our round-up of the best alternative advent calendars for 2019. This list is full of variety so there's something for everyone. Hopefully you'll enjoy the 24 days before Christmas as m

Most Scenic Ice Rinks in London!

Christmas may seem so far away still, but really, were just over four weeks away, so that means all the stores have christmas music on, and you feel like you’re the only one who hasn’t yet bought everybodies christmas presents. Yes, it’s still November. The cold is still here though, so hats and scarves at the ready because we can at least start enjoying the festivities right? With November, comes all of the best ice rinks opening up over the winter season. Whether you’re a master of the ice rink, or you’re just like bambi barely keeping yourself off the floor, ice skating is great fun, with a partner or friends! If that’s not a good enough reason, just think of the cute insta pics you can get. Even though there are dozens dotted all over London, we have picked out our favourites on the best landmarks of London! Starting off with the Tower of London, every year they set up a beautiful ice rink down in the dry moat. You can get wonderful views of the ancient fortress and the riv

Fireworks Displays This Weekend!

It's that time of year again, when London's skies are lit up by a marvellous array of fireworks displays. To mark Guy Fawkes Night, bonfires will be lit and rockets sent high into the night sky in a number of spots all over the capital. All across the city, local parks will be putting on displays, some with a fixed price and some completely free.  Barnes Sports Club is the location for the local fireworks, along with a competition for the best Guy (anyone welcome to enter) a bar and barbecue. Sparklers and glow sticks available to buy. Go for plenty of food, winter warmers, a bonfire and (hurrah!). Keep warm with the mulled wine, and have a boogie to the DJ. Tickets: £10 (Two adults and two children under 16 £25, kids aged 3-1. Times: Gates open at 5.30pm. Kingston Fireworks is the venue for Kingston's fireworks, organised by the Rotary Club. Children's fun fair rides are before the display, along with live music from Radio Jackie to entertain the adults.