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Home Exercises

Sometimes it’s not easy to keep on top of everything you’ve got going on in life, whether it be work, studying, a social life and more you can’t always seem to squeeze in that time to get to the gym and keep it up consistently. However even if you feel like you make time for the gym, the costs just keep rising even paying monthly the cost to go to a packed sweaty gym is just not that appealing even if you did decide you wanted to spend an hour there. Basically what I’m getting to is that fact that exercising at home is a great solution. You may think that you may not have the equipment or space, but some of the things I’ll be talking about is ways to get around this and hopefully stay motivated to work out, and not spend a single penny. Firstly, getting into a daily workout routine, that you can do morning, or night, or whenever you feel like. Have a look at what areas you want to target and build up a short plan you can cycle through quickly. Here’s a routine that will tackle a b

Here's some plans for Mother's Day this year!

Mother’s day isn’t too far away now, so it’s only fair you’re on top form for the most important woman in your life, your mum! You’ve still got two weeks to go before the 31st of March, but don’t forget, it’s a sunday so don’t go out on the town the night before. For those of you lacking some imagination and/or cash, we’ve put together a list of a few great options for you, that are all mum-friendly activities! Hopefully you’ll be able to leave a big smile on your mum’s face because we all know she deserves it after putting up with you for however many years.So lucky you, London is a great place to celebrate your mum, from the Sky Garden to sunday brunch, we have you covered. Starting off with the Columbia Road Flower Market, it’;s open every single Sunday and is great for all the senses. A beautiful place, and what mum doesn’t love flowers. You can have a wander and enjoy all the pretty sights and smells, then let her pick out a beautiful bouquet. Luckily it’s very close to Shored