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October's Spookiest Things To Do In London

October is only four days away, and that means all of the Halloweeny spooky things are as well. You may believe that Halloween is for one day only but London is spooky all year round. You can’t escape the scares when London has survived everything, including the plagues, the Great Fire of London and a whole lot more. If you’re brave enough to head down to a few of our favourite spooky spots then you can have a great October with a bunch of scares. If you think you’re too old for trick or treating then we have a list of places you can visit, shows to see, and food and drink to get to keep you all in the Halloween spirit. A great place to start and a bone-chilling experience, there is so much to do at the London Bridge Experience. Creepy clowns, menacing spiders, and walls dripping with blood are just a few of the scary things you’ll encounter whilst there. Taking a trip into the Bridge’s history, and going through the haunted London Tombs, this isn’t just a fun attraction but very

London's Secret Speakeasies

Traditionally, speakeasies were places for illegal boozing that came to prominence during the Prohibition era in 1920s America. But ever since, they have taken on a mythical status: teacups brimming with gin, suave jazz musicians and a glitzy, retro dress code. Here’s our pick of London’s speakeasy-inspired bars.The trend that started in the East End, as these things tend to do, has now swept across the city, with an ever-growing pool of speakeasy-style bars popping up behind nondescript doors, toilet walls and decoy fridges everywhere. Get ready to experience the prohibition years in suitable style, with our guide to the best of London’s American-inspired illicit drinking dens. What follows is a list of the finest tucked-away, secret, hidden, or otherwise nearly-impossible-to-find bars. Or, if you’re reading this for a second time, what follows is a list of bars that were tucked away, secret, hidden, or otherwise nearly-impossible-to-find …but are now as familiar to you as the

Essentials for moving to Uni!

Off to uni? This is the essential checklist on what to take to university! You've probably arrived at this guide because you've realised you’re moving in in a week and you have no idea what to do half of you have a plastic bag of stuff and the other half of you have taken everything but the kitchen sink. Well luckily for you, we've done pretty much all the research for you. In fact, we've written the draft right here! It probably just needs a few tweaks from you based on your own personal needs… Don’t forget they will have shops where you're going, and it could be easier (and cheaper) to wait until arriving at university before buying some items. Not only have we a great list of things to take with you, but we’ve listed some shops that do great student deals and discounts. Your bedroom for the next year will be a place for sleeping, essay writing and snuggling. Unless you prefer the hospital-room look for the inside of your accommodation, it’s time to decora

September in London!

With the weather all over the place as always, we’re not entirely sure if Summer is truly over, however we’ve got some great events for you across the month to keep you busy whether the weather is good or not. Who knows, there might be a couple opportunities to pull out your favourite autumn jumpers whilst you’re going around London, even though Autumn isn’t until September 23rd but we can keep that hush for now. Here's our run-down of the best events in London this September. Starting off with the first full weekend of September on Sunday the 8th you can head down to this year’s Peckham Record Fair in Peckham’s Copeland Park. There’s going to be over thirty stalls of local indie labels, record stores, and some enthusiasts that may have some greta hidden gems dotted around if you look hard enough. If records aren’t exactly your thing then dont stress, they also will have lots of Hi-Fi dealers aswell to make sure your sound system is everything it needs to be now we’re coming b