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How many banks are there in london?

What is thebest Bankfor foreignerswithin theEuropeanUnion?
How many banks are there in London? and which is the best for open your account? 
Mostemployerspay youdirectly throughthe current account.What to do?

TheDNIisoften notaccepted by manyBritish banks. You have toprocess thepassport, ifyou have not already. Introductionsto theDNIand passport, identity cardthatalso hasyour addressin Spain.

Justfind a job, you have to makepreparing aletter fromyouremployer.This isstandardletterswhich certifiesthat youstarted workingfrom adate andyoupaid weeklyor monthly.Youremployercan adviseyour bankdeposit.

Requestto openan account"Basic", where you havethe right tobare(overdraft) and almostalwaysno debit card(at first), oran account"Saving" isnotalwaysfound. Youcandirect debittopaythese types of accountsandafter a few monthstransfereverything to astandardaccount.

You'll be pleasedto discover thattheBritishaccountsgenerally do not have:

Expensesopen / close;

Maintenance expenses;