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Picnic Spots in London

Who doesn’t absolutely love a picnic? Especially when the weather starts coming around and we get a few hours off from London’s usually grey skies and cold weather!Laying out a big picnic blanket, the mini sausage rolls, and all the other little snacks. Then if you’re really feeling it bring out the alcohol too. Then if you hate everyone else around you just play some really loud music as well to really let everyone know that it’s your space.Anyway, there is so much potential for a great picnic in London, however we’re not here to tell you about Kew Gardens or Richmond Park. There are many great little spots of greenery that are perfect for a little stop with friends or just a nice lunch break out of the office with colleagues. So her is a few of our favourite options for picnics in London! Starting off with an absolutely stunning place that you’d never expect to be mixed in with the rest of concrete busy London. You may have never known this place existed until being pointed out t

London's Creative Hot Spots!

London is full of so many opportunities, and chances to do whatever you want, however with this big concrete jungle of buildings creativity can get lost on us sometimes. Those daily commutes start to take a toll and you actually get excited when the ad changes at the station so you have something new to look at. Well there’s a few spots around London where you can escape all of that and really get your hands dirty yourself. Have a creative outburst at any of these spots and we’re sure you’ll jump into a new craft, or take the time to just enjoy the ones you know already. First off we have an absolute classic, like actually a classic that you know when Christmas comes around each year your nan will be right on the christmas jumpers you can itch all throughout the day wearing. Well at Knit With Attitude you can knit her a jumper right back. As we know, knitting is cool now, right? The little but mighty store in Stoke Newington has all you need to really get stuck in. You can go to t

Father's Day in London!

Whether you’re the type to splash the cash on events like this or you’re the last minute sainsburys bottle of wine and a card person, Father’s Day is still right around the corner, and you still want your dad to be proud of you right? This year Father’s Day falls on Sunday the 16th, so you’ve only got a couple days to sort this out, but luckily we’ve got options to cover you for every kind of dad out there, or nearly every type. I’m sure you can wing it. If it’s not too early in the day you could head out to grab a pint, go down to some of the scenic beer gardens in London, or head over to a sports bar if you can handle all of the testosterone. It’s also perfect for the times when you haven’t got all the cash in the world but want to treat your dad to a nice couple of hours, depending on how many drinks he can get through. If the weather isn’t too bad you can go to Hampstead Heath to The Spaniard Inn, an iconic London pub dating back to the 1500’s. They have a walled beer garden,

Competitive fun with friends!

We all need to brush off the stress of work sometimes and relax, but sometimes that relaxation can become pretty competitive when you go out for a game and drinks with friends. A casual game of golf or football can quickly bring out the most competitive side of you and the people you're with, especially when the fight talk comes out, that’s when you start placing the bets on who’s getting the rounds in after. As much as it can get super competitive, you’ll always go back because it’s just too much fun. So here’s a few places you can go to win a few rounds in, if you’re feeling confident in yourself. Maybe pick one you know you're good at. Starting off with a classic, right from the decks of cruise ships in the early 20th century, we have shuffleboarding. After it was banned for 500 years it's starting to make a come back apparently. London Shuffle started as a pop up and has now taken a permanent place in Shoreditch, a big beautiful space with an open air shuffleboard t