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Parks of London!

For a city that seemingly never sleeps, where every way you turn is a concrete jungle, you’d think the only greenery would be when you look into your cup at your fancy loose leaf tea. Here’s where you’re wrong. There are so many beautiful open spaces and green areas dotted all over London. So whenever we’re lucky and London gives us a hot day, these places tend to be the most popular. Who doesn’t love hanging out with friends in the park until everyone gets bitten to death by mosquitoes. Especially with the best part of this being that the majority of these beautiful spaces are free to go to. Whatever suits your fancy, London has it covered, with untamed forests where you can walk off the beaten paths to the amazing royal lawns, you can really enjoy all sides of the green. Starting off with one of the more obvious choices for you, we have Richmond Park, a National Nature Reserve and the largest site of Special Scientific Interest in the capital. One of the more naturally beautiful

Great Ice Cream in London!

London isn’t well known for warm weather, so as soon as we get it for a couple days we’re all over the summer outfits, and picnics in the park. Another great thing for summer is the classic Mr.Whippy. London as a whole has moved on a lot though since the classic ice creams like the 99, calippos, and mr.bubble ice lollies. With so much to offer for every diet, you know you’ll be able to enjoy the few summer days or if you’re trying to live through the rain, you can get some ice cream to remind yourself of the warmth of summer. So vegans, we have you covered, a couple places on here are entirely vegan. Starting off with Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream in Kentish Town, a Filipino take on the classic ice-cream parlour. There’s so many interesting flavours to choose from here. Their signature flavour is ‘ube’ which is made with a native purple yam. If you’re feeling really outgoing then you can try their salty cheese-based ‘queso’ flavour. If you’re planning to go with friends, and there’s a

Gaming Bars in London!

Remember when you were younger and had all the time in the world to play video games? Spending hours staring at the screen with your mum moaning at you every twenty minutes saying you’d get square eyes? Yeah, we all remember that, but now we’re adults and can make our own decision on whether we want square eyes or not. So getting back into the childish ways, maybe you don’t have as many hours but you want to get nostalgic with friends, then there’s lots of places in London for you to go. What’s best about it is that they're pretty much all exclusively bars, so enjoy the themed drinks, fun games, and friends. Here’s just a few of our current favourites! Starting off with Meltdown Bar in Islington, they base their main experience around esports, so you know you're going to be getting competitive with your friends, just don’t lose too much betting with friends on the loser. A lot like a sports pub, but everyone is gathered around watching League of Legends tournaments. One di

A Couple of our Favourite Independent Cinemas!

We've all got different tastes when it comes to film, romance, comedy, horror, action! There is always a place to go to cover those options. Unfortunately though sometimes your go to cinema just doesn’t have that comfort of the ‘curled up on the sofa’ vibes. So, let’s mix it up and bring those together. One of the things that the Odeon or Vue just can’t hold up, is character. The couple different cinemas we’re showing you today are some of the oldest in the country. These cinemas are perfect for a date, or just a fun experience with friends. It adds something a little extra to the classic cinema experience! Sofa setting, and great films comes together in London! This is only a couple of our favourites, expect to see lots more soon aswell. Starting off with Genesis Cinema, in Whitechapel, it’s a classic cinema with an entire history lesson mixed in with it too. Entertaining the East end since 1848, the cinema was originally the Paragon Theatre of Varieties. Whilst this beautifu