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Escape Rooms in London

When it comes to a Saturday night, your go-to plans end up being partying, a nice dinner with family, or just a relaxed movie night with friends. It’s not often that your plans are to be locked in a room with said family and friends for the evening. Escape Rooms are ideal for anyone who wants to have a thrilling evening, one that may even bond you just a little bit, as long as you keep your sanity. Escape the room games started off as a Japanese craze, but since then they have really spread far and wide, making its way to London! With some very interesting scenarios to be involved in, you’re sure to have a fun night, maybe a little stressful, but overall worth it. These escape rooms involve being “locked” in a room with a timer, usually counting down an hour. You and your team must solve the puzzles, get clues, and uncover different secrets to eventually get out before the timer hits zero. There are different types of games though, so if there are any styles you prefer then you ha

Silent Discos of London

If you have no clue what a silent disco or a silent rave is then I can help you out. Basically, a silent disco or silent rave is an event where people dance to music but they’re only listening to it through noise-cancelling headphones. So everyone at the event will be given to them so they can enjoy their evening but for those who take their headphones off, they will hear no music. Which can look very interesting as it’s an entire room of people dancing to nothing? One benefit that’s quite new to silent discos is the ability to have multiple channels so you can pick what you listen to from a few select DJs. So, even if you and your friends are listening to different music, you can still have fun and enjoy each others company. To further explain it, try to picture two different DJs spinning, but without any speakers setup. The floor is filled with hundreds of people all with headphones, singing and dancing. But there's no actual music from the DJ being played aloud. Instead, th