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Being a student never was easy... but it has a positive side! Have a look at these tips for students! Enjoy student discount cards Being a student means being eligible for some discounts! This doesn't mean you should increase your spending just to enjoy them, but it does mean savings when you do go shopping. NUS Extra cards cost £12 for the whole year, but it opens the gates to online discounts and in store with over 160 retailers.  Now it also includes 10% off Co-Op groceries at over 3,600 participating stores, so if you usually shop there it's a winner.  Other discounts vary, but are generally about 10-20% (some are as high as 50%), and include Asos, McDonalds, Odeon, Amazon, 16-25 Railcard, Superdrug and many more. To get an NUS Extra card, apply online on the  NUS website . Check the full list of  NUS Extra discounts  first to make sure you'll use it, and check individual offer terms before you go. Cards are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. B