Best Outdoor Gyms in London!

Now whether you truly enjoy working out or not, i’m going to go with the majority and say probably not. It is still good for you to get your half hour of exercise daily. That being said though not everyone wants to pay out for an expensive gym membership to be in a hot sweaty space with lots of people who seem to know exactly what they’re doing whilst you may not have a clue. That’s okay though, we’ve got a couple options to help you out. Now whilst we're in July we may be enjoying some hot weather depending on how England wants to act. Now across London in some of the best parks they;’ve put out some really good quality outdoor gyms. They’re dotted across London and completely free to use. So you can enjoy the weather and get your half hour in without having to be around any sweaty people, other than yourself. 

Starting with Roundwood Park, there is a great outdoor gym to enjoy. With all the outdoor equipment there are also multi-use game areas too for you to use. Not only have you got all the outdoor equipment there are free instructor led courses which you don;t even need to book in advance, you can just show up. If you want to walk it off though there is lots of space to go for a jog or walk before or after your workout. To make sure you get that warm-up and cool-down in. If you fancy making a day of the place though there is also a playground, cafe, and a wildlife area too, so invite your friends and enjoy the day with a workout in it as well. 

Next we’re moving over to Brixton Street Gym, if you live anywhere around here you can come down to see what the Block Workout Foundation are doing for the community. Great part about this is that not all of the gym is outdoor, some of the gym is indoors in case the classic English weather doesn’t hold up. Outside though there are pull up bars, parallel bars, mats, weights, and a vaulting horse to use too. Block Workout always has something going on, there’s lots of free classes, and really cheap bootcamp and martial arts courses too. If you’ve forgotten your earphones don’t worry as they always have pumped up music playing as well. 

Going over to Holland Park Outdoor Gym over in Holland Park. This gym really can tick all of the boxes for what you could possibly want. There are low bars, parallel bars, incline benches and bodyweight training equipment too so you can get the full workout. Not only that there are tennis courts and cricket spots as well. There are dozens of opportunities to enjoy bootcamp workouts or our personal favourite the parkour workout. Get in for their parkour workout and the world gets to become your gym, just make sure you’re safe about it, and remember you're not spiderman. Once you've spent you;re time learning parkour you can then take a walk over to the Bluecorner Cafe and enjoy some food to help you refresh for some more. 

There are so many more outdoor gyms across London to enjoy but we thought we would cover our favourites first. If there are any you enjoy let us know and we can make another list.


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