2020 Best London Mini Golf Spots

Whilst we’re in the heat of summer it’s a great time to enjoy some friendly fun with your friends, family or on a nice date. Whether the weather wants to hold up or not there’s always fun to be had with mini-golf. Not everyone can get into the usual 18 hole golf, it can be long and quiet, and you have to shoot into a normal hole and not a dinosaur mouth or something. When you want to be with friends you want to have fun. Mini-golf has endless themes and has great fun waiting for you. Everyone enjoys getting competitive especially over some ridiculous mini golf game. So here’s a list of some fun spots to get your mini-golf on. 

Starting off in South London there is a great 18 hole course. The Dragon Quest Adventure Golf is as you guessed it themed around dragons. There’s dragons, rock caves, monster footprints, and rock paths. You might think this is great for kids and it is, but it’s also fun for those big kids who want to get competitive and have a good time. It’s a large course with the sounds running all throughout to make it believe as possible that the massive static dragons are real. 

Going to something a little more sophisticated, we’re going over to Swingers. With multiple locations you’ve got options for where you want to have fun. They first opened in 2016, and now they have one in Oxford Circus too. There’s a nine hole course at each location so you don’t have to put as much time into the gold put Swingers has a lot more to offer as well. These are very laid back courses with beautiful trees, ivy, and gazebos around the course. The thing that keeps it entertaining on top of the golf is the fact that there’s a gin terrace, a two-story clubhouse and themed cocktails too. So don’t expect to see any dragons here, but there’s booze and golf to enjoy.
Finally heading over to Plonk Crazy Golf, and we’re keeping the best till last in our mind because there are four locations so you’ve got great options to go to for this. Camden Market, London Fields, Shoreditch, and Horniman Museum are all the locations and they all have different things to offer. Covered in UV paint, with colourful tiki decor, some have glowing volcanoes and others having spinning disco lights throughout too. This definitely isn’t one of the easiest courses with simple bumps and hills. There are loops, mechanisms and steep drops to get through, so a hole in one is a whole lot more exciting to get than on a usual course. So expect to get frustrated in this.
So we hope you’ve enjoyed some of these great options dotted around London. Let us know if you end up going to any of these and tell us in the comments what you thought of them!


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