Biggest Parks In London!

London isn’t just a concrete jungle like you may think it would be, we have aoms egreat parks and forests across London to help you really enjoy the summer. Some of these are widely known whilst others are just a little more hidden. We wanted to cover some of the biggest parks in London so it won’t matter how busy it’s going to be because you’ll have more than enough space to yourself! The best part about all of this too is that it’s completely free. You can take in the sun, if we get it for that long, and enjoy the space. 

Starting with Hampstead Heath, is one of the less manicured parks in London but that doesn’t take away from it’s beauty at all. Only four miles from Trafalgar Square and has about 800 acres of lovely countryside to enjoy! Not only will you find all your classic park goers such as dog walkers, nature lovers, joggers, and more. You’ll also get to enjoy the animals, you may get to see the muntjac deer, woodpeckers, and parakeets that are residents of the park too. Whether the weather is good or not the swimming ponds in this park are open all year round. It’s still pretty cold in summer but worth it if you’re looking to enjoy all aspects of the park such as the woodland, heathland, meadows, and more!

Moving over to Regent’s Park, there is 410 acres to cover in North-West London to enjoy. Stunning rose gardens with more than 30,000 roses. A Japanese Garden Island too which has beautiful paths lakes with overhanging willow trees with a very picture perfect wooden bridge to take it all in. London Zoo is right close by too, so you get to enjoy the sounds of the animals whilst relaxing and enjoying the sun. This park hosts so many events too, they have an Open Air Theatre, various food and music festivals too. There is always something to fulfill your needs, you’ve got boat hire, tennis courts, bandstands, and ice cream stands to keep you covered. 

Next is Hyde Park, it’s one of the largest Royal Parks, asnf you can venture through the 1.5 miles long park to see the oldest boating lake, The Serpentine where you can see all kinds of wildlife. With over 4,000 trees, a meadow, lake, and even horse rides if you want to. That doesn;t even cover everything you can do here. There is also a hidden Victorian pet cemetery where you can go and see over 300 furry animals in rest.

Finally going over to Richmond Park, a very well known park for all of the deer that roam there. This park covers 2,500 acres with hundreds of red and fallow deer that can freely go wherever they want to through the park. There are some astounding high points in the park too, with one of them having a completely unobstructed view of St Paul's Cathedral. There is also a 40 acr woodland that is blooming with all kinds of beautiful flowers across spring and summer. Hills, woodlands, ponds, gardens are all amongst some of the peaceful places to venture when going to this park. Make sure to be careful with the deer as it is a Nature reserve too.

Hopefully you can enjoy some of these beautiful parks with the lovely weather that we may just get. Let us know if there are any other parks you enjoy in London!


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