Best Outdoor Pools Across London 2020!

Since London can be so temperamental with the weather and heat we want you to all be prepared for if and when it decides to hit us. There are lots of opportunities to go to indoor pools but say the sun hits and you want to enjoy the sun as if we’re in spain then London has a few outdoor pools to help us enjoy the best bits of summer.  Take a trip down to any of these London outdoor pools, and lidos. Most of them offer more than just a spot to splash about though, with safes, and other exercise facilities, you can go with friends or family and make a day of it!

Hampton Pool is a great place to start with outdoor pools as it isn’t as well known as some of the others on this list, but that’s perfect for you to use their pools in peace. It has two heated pools that are always kept perfectly at 28C. The main pool is 36M long and the second one is that bit shorter for children and parents. They have adult only classes and half the pool is always used for lane swimming. So whether you are there to properly exercise or for a bit of fun you know you will always be accommodated for, especially as it’s open all year round as well. Then after you’re done you can head over to the Royal Bushy Park which is just across the street and lay out in the sun.

Moving over to Brockwell Lido, it has so much on offer, but the huge Olympic sized pool is great first place to go. There’s also a gym, hydrotherapy zone and an indoor cycling studio! What more could you ask for? Well if you're about to say food, then they have you covered already. With their Lido Cafe, they serve all day long, so no matter when you need to refresh between enjoying the sun and enjoying the exercise.

The Oasis Sports Centre is definitely one of the most beautiful ones, as they have a rooftop pool, plus it’s heated. So a great view and some extra warmth is a great shout for London pool.s It is the West End’s only outdoor pool, so you aren’t exactly spoilt for choice with this area, but you don’t need to be if you just have a look at the beautiful views. There are also squash courts and fitness studios that hold yoga, pilates, and group cycles.

London Fields Lido is a great place to go. This lido is also a heated, open-air pool. They have lane swimming as well if you're going to be truly thorough about your swim. With swim classes as well to help with your speed and technique so there’s opportunities or everyone to enjoy it. If after all of that exercise you’re feeling a bit peckish you can go to the cafe for a bite to eat and spend the rest of the day lazing out in the sun on a deckchair.

Whilst we don;t know what the weather wants to do, we can at least be ready for it if we get good news. We hope you enjoy these great outdoor pools, on your own or with family and friends.There are lots to do and all right in the heart of London so you're not far away from everything else.


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