London's Best spots to Jump Around!

One of the main things that you have to deal with living in England is the fact that you never truly know how the weather will treat you that day. However in the midst of summer you want to enjoy all the fun activities you can get your hands on. Now we’ve covered some great options over the last few weeks and we’re not done yet. Today, we have found the best trampoline parks near London; to bring out the child in you once more. However, before we jump into it, let's check out what trampoline can do for you, just in case your friends ask why you’re acting like a child. When you’re trampolining for just ten minutes it’s burning the same calories as a thirty minute jog. It’s a great workout for your core, balance and is a low impact activity also. Okay, let’s jump right into this. 

Starting off with Jump Giants. There are so many different activities you can enjoy within the trampolining fun. With five parks across London ranging from Thurrock, to West London, you know you’ve got lots of opportunities to get into the Jump Giants fun. They cater to absolutely all ages so you can go with your younger family friends or take your mum if you fancy it. They have basketball, dodgeball, all foam areas, battle beams and even a wipeout course to get competitive with your mates. They’re always running fun competitions and events so keep an eye out for them all. 

Heading over to Oxygen FreeJumping there are five different locations with their bestone in our opinion being the one at the O2 in Greenwich. They’ve got over 100 interconnected trampolines for you and your friends to hop between. Foam pits and basketball means you won’t get bored either. However if that isn’t enough they have also created a Bear Grylls inspired course where it’s intense but fun all wrapped into trampolining. Oxygen Free Jumping also has events called ‘peaceful days’ which allows customers who are on the autism spectrum or have sensory difficulties to enjoy all the fun as well. 

Finally down to Zap Space. This one is very different from the others. This whole place is a three story trampoline arena, surrounded in neon lights, with non stop action. So if you’re wanting to feel like you’re in an action packed video game here is the place to go. They have freestyle jump, soft play, foam pits, and a massive drop slide too. If you;re hoping to get more competitive there is a dodgeball court and slam dunk zone as well. If after that you;re getting a little peckish there is a cafe and late night bar as well to enjoy. Like I said, this place is definitely not like the rest. 

So there you have it, they're our top trampolining spots! If you wanted to hear about some more places we have another blog about trampoline parks from a couple years back to! You can also comment below iud you have any favourites you want us to try out as well. We hope you enjoy the exercise and fun that these places have to offer. Thank you for everything!


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