Halloween Cinema

The fact that us adults can’t go trick or treating anymore is a fright in itself, but it’s okay October cinema can be just as fun, we promise! It’s not the same scares as a club where everyone is dressed up as the Joker or Harley Quinn, but don’t stress we can really send a chill down your spine with these great Cinema spots! London is always an amazing spot for cinema action, and not just every Vue and Odeon on the corner, we’re talking nitty gritty independent cinemas, that can offer you unusual showing, big ballrooms, and lots of snacks that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. So where’s better to go for those classic Horror films right? We’re talking the classic Horror films, the cheesy, and stupidly funny too. Have a  loo of our list of halloweeny cinema events!

First off we have The Exhibit Cinema, it’s always showing a mix of everything! It has the modern hits and if you fancy some of the older classic they show films such as The Omen. Now for the month of October, they will be showing some of the best Halloweeny movies. You can enjoy the best scary stories, whilst relaxing in big comfy seats. They’re sowing Pet Semetary, Rocky Horror Pixcture Show, and Halloween Resurrection! If that’s not enough, they also offer amazing food and drinks. You can feast on pizza or endless cocktails to put an ease on the horror!

Next up is an extra Halloween Special. At the Brunel Museum on the 24th October you can go to see the 1922 classic Nosferatu with a complete Live Soundtrack. Yes, the film is in black and white, and a silent film, but we all know a soundtrack does wonders for a film. If you decide to go dressed up they’re offering up prizes for best dressed. And if you;re £5 cape and fangs don’t win you the Grand prize you can drink cocktails all night from Midnight Apothecary.

Back Bar Cinema is an all year round great experience, so if you can’t get there for their Halloween specials they also have monthly themes of films. At the Lizard Lounge every Wednesday you can go for a free showing, and free popcorn, and enjoy some great films. They have done Disney Films, Spy themes and lots more. This month they have already shown Beetlejuice, and Zombieland. They’re still showing Scary Movie 1, Scary Movie 2, and the great Shaun of the dead the night before Halloween! So more on the funny side of Halloween, but we love that too. Not everything has to be too scary! If you get a bit peckish they offer a great American food menu, with deals on twenty wings and lots of other options too.  Just make sure to book online beforehand, because it's free, it can get busy! 

Finally we have the Rivoli Pop Up Cinema. Set up in the beautiful Rivoli Ballroom, you definitely won’t see a cinema as pretty as this, not to watch a scary film anyway. Leading up to Halloween they will be showing ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘Halloween’, ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, and then finally ‘The Shining’. Another great cinema with great food options, you can get hot dogs, ice cream and draft beer and wine too. 

Hopefully there’s enough opportunities here for you to really get into the Halloween spirit, there’s a good mix of classics, and comedy, and more than enough food to eat! 


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