Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Aren't Complete Cop-outs!

It’s Halloween today, now, this evening. With it comes the ever-annoying question: What will you dress up as this year? So here we are, hours before the Halloween party and you don’t know what you’re going as. You don’t have time to Amazon Prime it, and the luck you'd find in thrifting outfit is very slim. Now you wouldn’t be reading this if you wanted to just buy a costume from the store, so here you are. We’re hoping that you’ll have the essential parts of these costumes just hidden in your closet. We have a couple serious costumes, and a couple pop culture inspired ones, hopefully we have a few options for you that you can do something with this Halloween. 

Firstly if you’re the type to love puns, and especially love when people roll their eyes when they get the pun then these two costumes will be perfect for you. Starting with the ‘Bread Winner’ Very simple and easy, you can wear whatever you want, but sports /gym wear would be best. Then you just need one of the plastic medals you can pick up from lots of stores, usually in the kids section. Then whilst you’re there buy a loaf of bread too. There we go, done, you’re ‘The Bread Winner’. I can feel the eyes rolling already. 

Next you’ll need formal wear. Whether its a suit, or a random dress you have dotted around in your wardrobe. Throw that on, then find something you can make a sash with, and write in bold letter ‘Apology’. If you can’t find a sash, just get a piece of paper, do the same, then pin it to yourself. Now you;re a ‘Formal Apology’. Not as much of an obvious one, but still a pun and you haven’t had to do anything for it, unless you had absolutely no formal wear in your wardrobe.

Now we’re done with those awful puns we can jump onto some cute pop culture references, that have absolutely been done before, but that’s okay, they’re still great costumes, and hopefully if your friends don’t live under a rock will get them too. To start, we have one of the most recognisable Dwayne “The Rock'' Johnson's outfits. They black turtleneck, blue jeans, and belt bag, with that small silver chain, all match up perfectly to this classic outfit. Bring the pose in too and you’re set. You don’t have to be a guy to do this one either, if you like The Rock, you’ll know the outfit. 

Finally, who doesn’t love ‘The Office’, right? There are so many amazing character outfits to choose from, however the most simple we could find is from one of their Halloween episodes. You can either dress up as Pam’s Halloween costume, with a black turtleneck, and skirt, and black cat ears,all you need to do is paint on some whiskers. Or, if you have a button up white shirt, and black trousers, you can dress up as Jim’s costume, which is a domino. Really, that’s it. Cut out two circles from some black fabric, and just stick them on, and you;re done. The best part about playing one of these two, is that if they don’t know the show you’re just a cat or domino, and if they do know the show, it’s even better.

We’re really hoping that with a few hours to go, you can take one of these options with you, and still have a chance at the Halloween parties best costume contest!


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