Some Spooky Spots In London!

This Halloween, prepare to be scared by the City of London. It's easy to feel spooked while wandering the city considering the frequency of ghost sightings and things get even worse after discovering the twisted fates that some of London’s resident ghosts met before their deaths. 
Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, exploring these spooky hotspots will make for a memorable night. Here’s our list of just a few of our favourite spooky spots in the city. And no, there aren’t any graveyards, remember, it’s a resting place, not a box to tick on the goth bucket list.

First off you can head down to this pub originally known as the Jack the Ripper, this Spitalfields pub can't get away from its gory history. Now named The Ten Bells, some accounts of the Ripper story link two of his victims, Annie Chapman and Mary Jane Kelly, to the pub. Annie Chapman may have drunk at the pub shortly before she was murdered; and it has been suggested that the pavement outside of the pub was where Mary Kelly picked up clients as a prostitute. If that's not spooky enough, the pub also has a long recorded history of poltergeist activity. In 1996, the landlord claimed The Ten Bells had been taken over by the ghost of Annie Chapman. So you can head over there if you like to see if you can experience any spooky happenings. 

Then if you want to see some interesting things in a place that many people have lived and died in then here is the next spot for you. St Bartholomew’s Hospital Museum is the oldest hospital in Britain (dating back to 1123), but sadly walls can’t talk, so it’s distilled its history into a museum in its north wing, where you can feed your morbid urges with displays of old surgical equipment, marble heads and dusty documents (including one signed by Henry VIII). The real attraction here, though is William Hogarth. Two giant canvases by the artist can be seen from the museum, just above the grand staircase. Apparently, Hogarth was so frustrated about the hospital planning to commission an Italian artist for the job, he painted these haunting Scripture stories for free. 

Another Pub now, we have The Grenadier. You can step inside and hear the stories of poor old Ceric, a junior soldier who met his fate when his comrades bludgeoned him to death after he failed to pay his gambling debt. You’ll now find the ceiling covered in dollar bills, tourists and ghost hunters keen to help Ceric pay off what was owed. Other guests have talked of the chill in the air, while staff have reported the feeling of a presence in the cellar, hearing footsteps and sighs emanating from down there. Clippings from newspapers are framed on the walls and tell of other spooky sightings from over the years.

Hopefully these few are just spooky enough for you. There are tens of dozens more places that are haunted around London, but we didn’t want to send you over the edge straight away.


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