Halloween Parties 2019!

Be afraid, be very afraid, we’re right around the corner from the spookiest parties of the year. You may have been celebrating Halloween this past weekend but there’s still so much more to come, don’t you worry. Now even though Halloween night is on a Thursday, there’s no harm in showing up looking like a zombie on Friday right, just one more day to go until the weekend yeah? However, if that’s really not your ideal night, we have you covered for the weekend too. Even though it will be November there’s still lots of spooky fun to have!

Starting off with a brilliant one, we have a 90’s vs 00’s Halloween night. Truly the best classic songs all throughout the night, and even better whilst every single guy is dressed up as this year’s new Joker. It’s going to have the best of pop, rock, hip-hop, and dance from the best years of the millennials, right? You’ve got two whole decades of inspiration for your Halloween costume too. There’s still tickets available so make sure to get in quick, and have a spooky nights with your friends. Because who doesn’t like having a group Halloween costume, at least you won’t lose each other right?

Next we’re moving over to ‘The Ultimate Power: Bat Out Of Helloween’ it’s in a great little venue, Kentish Town Forum to be exact. This club night is gonna have your guilty pleasure of power ballads completely covered. You won’t have any emotionally charged passionate karaoke singing left after this night. There will be scarily good songs, and of course you have to wear a costume. It’s Halloween, if you  show up without a costume, then really are you going to have fun, whilst being left out? Try to make it out alive okay? 

Finally November 3rd is calling us, and it's for the Horroween at The Drumsheds. It’s a major ten hour all day Halloween party. Tickets on this one aren’t as cheap however what do you expect from a ten hour party. This is one of the most immersive clubbing experiences we’ve seen. It will have derelict haunted houses, disturbing dance floors and even a graveyard here and there. If that wasn’t intense enough it’s electronic music all throughout from some amazing DJ’s. The best part to us, after a long few days of partying is that this one ends at 10pm, so you can catch your last train, and get home into bed, without too much worry.

We’re pretty sure you’ll be covered for this Halloween, there are so many hours of dancing and signing in there you won’t need to go out for a while. Don’t forget your costume either. However we will have a blog out later this week for last minute costumes, so if you’re stuck for that too, we can help plan every part of your Halloween. 


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