Gaming Bars in London!

Remember when you were younger and had all the time in the world to play video games? Spending hours staring at the screen with your mum moaning at you every twenty minutes saying you’d get square eyes? Yeah, we all remember that, but now we’re adults and can make our own decision on whether we want square eyes or not. So getting back into the childish ways, maybe you don’t have as many hours but you want to get nostalgic with friends, then there’s lots of places in London for you to go. What’s best about it is that they're pretty much all exclusively bars, so enjoy the themed drinks, fun games, and friends. Here’s just a few of our current favourites!

Starting off with Meltdown Bar in Islington, they base their main experience around esports, so you know you're going to be getting competitive with your friends, just don’t lose too much betting with friends on the loser. A lot like a sports pub, but everyone is gathered around watching League of Legends tournaments. One difference is that you can’t throw your beer in excitement like they do whilst watching the football. A great part is that the computers are completely free to use, and the staff are very helpful and kind. There’s so much opportunity with this place to really find a great community of people, and get into esports and PCGaming.

Next off we’re heading down to Stratford. One of East-London’s best bars, we have ‘Loading bar’. With a more relaxed vibe to it, there's an underground basement stacked full of old and new games consoles and tons of board games for you to play. They frequently host theme nights so there’s always options if you’re looking for something a bit more upbeat. With amazing
staff, and a great video game inspired cocktail menu you’re sure to have a fun time.

Heading down to Peckham, you’re absolutely spoilt for choice with the Four Quarters bar. With 20 different classic arcade cabinets there’s really no way you won’t be able to enjoy at least one game. The best part is that they are all completely original arcade machines, so if you remember playing them back as a kid, that memory is going to kick in pretty soon and if you try hard enough you may just be able to get yourself on the high scorers list. Whilst you may have your eyes on setting a new high score, the impressive selection of alcohol may throw you off just a little bit. With all the consoles upstairs as well you really have lots of options to enjoy your night, and the weekends bring round DJ sets, movie marathons, and more. If you’re feeling a bit peckish throughout the night, they also serve up classic toasties, you really can’t go wrong with Four Quarters.

We hope that you’ll be able to head down to if not on, but all of these bars and try them out. There are dozens more around London though, so if that doesn’t feel your need for square eyes then there’s definitely more great spots to come.


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