Great Ice Cream in London!

London isn’t well known for warm weather, so as soon as we get it for a couple days we’re all over the summer outfits, and picnics in the park. Another great thing for summer is the classic Mr.Whippy. London as a whole has moved on a lot though since the classic ice creams like the 99, calippos, and mr.bubble ice lollies. With so much to offer for every diet, you know you’ll be able to enjoy the few summer days or if you’re trying to live through the rain, you can get some ice cream to remind yourself of the warmth of summer. So vegans, we have you covered, a couple places on here are entirely vegan.

Starting off with Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream in Kentish Town, a Filipino take on the classic ice-cream parlour. There’s so many interesting flavours to choose from here. Their signature flavour is ‘ube’ which is made with a native purple yam. If you’re feeling really outgoing then you can try their salty cheese-based ‘queso’ flavour. If you’re planning to go with friends, and there’s a vegan or two then don’t worry. There’s more than one option for you! With sour orange, and sweet lime, or the Calamansi flavour are there for you to try. If you’re planning to take some aesthetic pictures for Instagram then you can get their activated charcoal black ice cream in one of their black cones too.

If the vegans want a few more options then they can head down to Black Milq just off of Bethnal Green. Here you don’t need any dairy to make great ice cream. With every single flavour completely plant based, you can choose between their coconut or cashew nut based ice creams. With a variety of flavours like caramel, pecan, and five-spice golden milk then you know your taste buds are going to have a great time. Another great vegan option is their ice cream sandwiches. Head down there or you can order it to you.

If you need something that's really going to bring you pack to the classic days of unlimited toppings where it won’t even all stay on the cone then head down to Soft Serve Society in Boxpark. They have four base flavours, then you have a dozen different toppings to choose from that which just look great for your Instagram. Their four flavours are vanilla, matcha, charcoal, and coconut. You can put Oreo crumbs, salty popcorn, pocky sticks, and so much more on top too. You can even choose from a cone, cup, sundae, or a freakshake! If that’s not enough to fill your childhood fantasies then you can have their giant candy floss popping candy creations.

Seen as that last place didn't have any vegan options we’re heading over to Yorica in Soho. Another entirely plant based ice cream parlour, we need as many as possible right now. They’re London’s first dairy, egg, nut, and gluten free ice - creamery. With their Soho site looking a lot like a surf shack, with the friendly staff to match, you know their flavours are going to have to match up to their set up, and don’t worry, it does. The ice cream is made with rice milk, and they do frozen yogurt too. You can then top it with marshmallow, brownies, or if you’re trying to make yourself a little better about the ice cream you can top it with fruit.

Hopefully no matter your diet you can enjoy some great ice cream this summer! Or just all year round like we do.


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