Parks of London!

For a city that seemingly never sleeps, where every way you turn is a concrete jungle, you’d think the only greenery would be when you look into your cup at your fancy loose leaf tea. Here’s where you’re wrong. There are so many beautiful open spaces and green areas dotted all over London. So whenever we’re lucky and London gives us a hot day, these places tend to be the most popular. Who doesn’t love hanging out with friends in the park until everyone gets bitten to death by mosquitoes. Especially with the best part of this being that the majority of these beautiful spaces are free to go to. Whatever suits your fancy, London has it covered, with untamed forests where you can walk off the beaten paths to the amazing royal lawns, you can really enjoy all sides of the green.

Starting off with one of the more obvious choices for you, we have Richmond Park, a National Nature Reserve and the largest site of Special Scientific Interest in the capital. One of the more naturally beautiful places home to over 600 deer, if you don’t run into at least one we would be surprised. There is 2,500 acres though, that’s three times the size of Central Park. The wildlife conservation of this beautiful place is what attracts so many people, and deer, stags, and lots of other animals too.

Next on to Postman’s Park, originally opened in 1880 it didn’t get its name until the worker’s of the General Post Office close by started having their lunch breaks their on a daily basis. Besides the name, since 1900 it has been a national memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice. Those that gave their lives saving other people’s, but not in usual circumstances due to war, but to the ordinary people and a selfless act of bravery. It can be a very peaceful and pretty place, taking a closer look around you’ll see the plaques everywhere.

Heading up North to Hampstead Heath. We know we may have lost a lot fo you as it’s so far up north, but that’s the best bit. It’s not considered one of the more tourist places because a lot of people don’t consider going there, it is very popular to the locals though. This park is beautifully untamed, which gives it it’s unique charm compared to others that are kept perfect with paths to follow. You can really feel lost here, as if you’re not even in London anymore. With multiple ponds and wooded areas you’re sure to really get into your childlike ‘find the biggest stick possible’ memories. If you’re looking to bring it back a little you can climb Parliament Hill to get a wonderful view of England’s capital. As much as we all love London, one thing we’re missing is a beach, the next best thing though is the outdoor pools that Hampstead Heath has to offer. A really well rounded park, you can make a day of it or just an hour or two.

We hope that we’ve been able to give you a few different options so you can find a way to enjoy those summer days that are hopefully just around the corner.


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