A Couple of our Favourite Independent Cinemas!

We've all got different tastes when it comes to film, romance, comedy, horror, action! There is always a place to go to cover those options. Unfortunately though sometimes your go to cinema just doesn’t have that comfort of the ‘curled up on the sofa’ vibes. So, let’s mix it up and bring those together. One of the things that the Odeon or Vue just can’t hold up, is character. The couple different cinemas we’re showing you today are some of the oldest in the country. These cinemas are perfect for a date, or just a fun experience with friends. It adds something a little extra to the classic cinema experience! Sofa setting, and great films comes together in London! This is only a couple of our favourites, expect to see lots more soon aswell.

Starting off with Genesis Cinema, in Whitechapel, it’s a classic cinema with an entire history lesson mixed in with it too. Entertaining the East end since 1848, the cinema was originally the Paragon Theatre of Varieties. Whilst this beautiful venue was a theatre and a music hall and before Charlie Chaplin became a Hollywood Star he frequented the venue to perform there! Then in 1912 the theatre was converted into a cinema and renamed the Mile End Empire. Over the years it’s seen so many changes and passed around to different management, however the building is now named Genesis. Renovated by two film-set designers, who’s family regularly went to the Mile End Empire, they kept a hold of the history as they named the bar inside the ‘Paragon’.

Past the whole history lesson, and bringing it to the present. The Genesis has a great programme of a selection of mainstream, independant and short films to suit all tastes! They also have two of their cinema screens set with luxury, comfy sofa seating, and a great bar with snacks fro pick n mix, and popcorn to keep your sweet tooth going. If that’s not your thing though, they also have some amazing crodoughs from the local East London Rinkoff’s Bakery too! With lots of themed nights, fun pizza parties, and cool exhibitions, there’s so much for you to do here, alongside enjoy incredible film.

Moving on now to the Electric Cinema in Portobello. The grand old cinema had a major renovation back in 2001, costing upwards of £2,000,000 to be exact. You can see that cinemas don’t come more luxurious than this. The interior of this beautiful venue has 65 leather armchairs and footstools,  a dozen sofas for you to relax on, and if you’re really trying to get comfy, the front row has double beds. Just try not to completely fall asleep. However, despite this major facelift, and the new fresh look, it is one of the oldest cinemas in the country. With a programme of mainstream, and independent films, we’re sure you can find something for you to sink into as you lay out on your comfy chairs. Another great part of this venue is the Electric Diner, so before your film, or after you can get some amazing food  too!

We hope you get a chance to enjoy some of the best new films, or some of the cult classics. You’ve got options, and if film isn’t all that for you, maybe just go for a nap.


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