Ways To Waste Time on the Internet!

Spending time online can be endless, in fact it is endless. You will never run out of things to do. Along with all of your favourite social media, and streaming platforms, you can always learn something new to. You’re not here to learn about what the internet is though, you’re here to waste time, and as much of it is possible. Sometimes when you’re online you’ve finished scrolling Tik Tok for the past four hours and now you want to do something else. Here’s a list of random websites for you to truly just drain sometime into to get the hours going. You may even learn something new whilst you’re at it. 

Starting off with a fun game, this is called ‘Little Alchemy’. I’ve played this game alone and with friends, and it definitely can become quite addicting. This is a very basic game where you start with the base elements. Earth, fire, water, air is all you get. You have to piece these together to make new objects, animals, etc. Such as putting Earth and fire together you get lava, and water and earth you get mud. It really is as simple as that, and with all of these combinations you can make some pretty complex things. There are 580 things in total to make. I can tell you now I haven’t been able to complete, I’ve gotten into the 400 range but then it’s pretty hard. You can log in to keep your progress and share the game with friends to see how well you all get on together. 

Moving GeoGuessr, this started as a small web app and with Youtubers jumping on to play these challenges it’s becoming insanely popular. This game involves you being dropped into a random place on Earth, a random city or truly the middle of nowhere. Your goal is to find where you are on the planet. But all you have to aid you is what you see on Google Maps. You can move around to look at street signs and landmarks to help you. Once you think you;ve figured it out you place a pin on the map and you can get up to 5,000 points. There’s five rounds and I can tell you that they really aren't easy sometimes. This is an interesting way to learn more about the World, and there are even specific quizzes for certain parts of the world. They even have one for London streets if you really know London well. 

Jumping over to a different kind of game, we have Sporcle. Sporcle is a great way to improve your random trivia, and sometimes completely useless fact list. This is a quiz site and I can promise you there is a quiz for absolutely everything. As this is a user submitted content site you can find quizzes for your favourite shows, your local owns, the biggest space endeavours. It really covers it all, and if you don;t believe me, there are 1 million submitted quizzes, so I think that's pretty promising. These are great for your friends and family to get competitive or just for some educational fun too. Sporcle even gives you the option to download them onto your phone so you can have them with you always. 

Lastly going over to HowStuffWorks. Clue is in the title, this is a website that literally tells you exactly how things work. Ever wanted to know how airbags work, or how roller coasters run without killing anyone. This site will tell you all about.. Whilst they;ve covered a lot you won;t run out of things to read about. They also have podcasts covering it all too so if you're not up for reading you can listen in instead.


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