Celebrating Father's Day!

We’re only a week away from this year’s Father’s Day, and there is always so much celebrating and fun to be had, but it may not always be that easy to celebrate with your dad if you’re in another house, city, country. Celebrating your dad and everything he has done for you can be so easy and still mean a lot. There are many different ways to celebrate, when together, and from a distance. We’ve got options to make some fun memories, and great experiences!

Starting with a classic, this one is one you’d need to be there for, but we have an idea to do it differently too. Breakfast in a bed is always a sweet way to start, you can make their favourite food for them whether it be a full fry-up or as basic as cereal. Now you may be able to achieve this from home as long as they’re willing to get out of bed for it. You can use any of your basic food delivery apps, find one that’s got some good breakfast food, cereal may not be an option here. But you can send this over to them to enjoy in the morning whilst you can’t be there. 

A really heart-warming thing you can do is make a scrapbook,or photo album. You can get one online or places like Hobbycraft and the Range. Using apps like freePrints you can print off aqll of your favourite photos of you and your dad, and put them all into the album, you can add dates and little notes too. Decorate it with origami, and other paper crafts too if you think your dad will like it more. Wrapping this up and sending it to your dad for Father’s Day will be a really nice gift for him to enjoy and look back on the times of seeing you grow up. 

Now here is one of our favourite options, booking an experience for them. There are dozens of sites, the most popular being Virgin Experiences. With thousands of different experiences you can book something for your dad to do alone, or you can book for you to go with him. There’s hot air balloon rides, racing experiences, spa days, and way more. Pick something out that you know he would enjoy, and a lot of the time you can gift this experience and the person can pick their own date for it too. No pressure to book it when you don’t know when you’ll be able to go out.

If puzzles are something your dad enjoys you can order some really interesting puzzles, and 3D ones on Amazon. However if you want to try and do one together you can go to any of the online jigsaw sites and play together and try and complete the puzzle.

It’s not easy right now to make the most exciting plans for Father’s Day, when inside or whilst not together, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some great fun though. We hope there’s a few good ideas in there for you to celebrate with your dad. Let us know what you do and if you have any other days. Happy Father’s Day!


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